Ankylosaurus with function tail/ Amargasaurus info

Ankylosaurus’ function

Pull up the yellow liftarm to raise the tail
Push down to SMASH!

Ankylosaurus is only friendly to herbivores

Amargasaurus Update:
I have decided to not showcase it on another post because it will be scrap parts for future use.
The reason why is because it is not good at all (feet looked awkward, head was not properly made as I wanted, and build was nothing like apatosaurus)
So, I guess I’ll only post this:

See what I mean

About Ankylosaurus:
I made it because someone gave me an idea for it :relaxed:

Credit to:
@ MaximusPrime
Gave me the idea

Please give your opinion it’s most appreciated


I feel the rear end of the moc could use more coverage, but i understand that a gimmick is there for the tail, but I like the use of the Terak head piece.and the legs are stubby but work with the general design.

plus, I wish i had that much trans purple.


I feel it could benefit from some streamlining, making it a bit thinner in the middle so the purple pieces can be flesh with the structure rather than above such as is the case with the ribcage.


The ankylosaurus is by far the best of your dinosaur mocs imo. It could use a bit more coverage though.

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And also because ankylosaurus had stubby legs


Great work man. One of your best yet. I love that you where able to add an attack function. I was not expecting that. Anyway, I think this one turned out great. I think it makes a pretty god companion piece to the triceratops looking at them side by side. Perhaps you could do a group shot for all three herbivores? Also, instructions would be great. Same goes for the apatosaurus. I’d love to have the three of them together on one of my shelves.

As for the Amargasaurus, while I do agree its not your best work, its not that bad. While the head, neck, and rear legs look a little awkward, the torso looks well constructed, and I love the design for the front legs.

Thanks man. I appreciate it. Oh! Just had a thought. What about a stegosaurus?

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I didn’t plan to make it but maybe I’ll give it a try
(If I do I’ll credit you as well for giving me the idea)

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The function could use some coverage, but fantastic job on the whole.

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have you made one of those longed neck dinosaurs, like a diplodocus

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ooh cool!

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