Anna: Volume 2

I figure since I’m going to be launching Anna: Volume 3 this fall, I figured I could post Volume 2 here before that.

The second Volume will follow Anna as she deals with the fallout of her victory over Ravenger as well as how the city rebuilds itself from his invasion as well as the arrival of a girl who had been missing for two years and how she, Ravenger and a new threat are intertwined.

##Chapter 1: Into the Silent Night

Somewhere north of Alberta, Washington.

She rubbed her hands together as she paced around the six-by-six room, blue energy crackling between them as she pressed them. The girl’s long black hair was messy and wore a dirty gray gown that reached down to her feet, almost sweeping the floor around her.

Down the hallway she heard the sound of a guard’s feet coming towards her cell. She took a deep breath as he rapped on her door.

“Prisoner 091000, up against the wall,” the guard barked from outside the cell.

She did as she had been told every day since she had been taken here and faced the far wall and put her hands behind her head. The guard unlocked the door and swung it open before stepping inside and placing a tray of food on the floor.

As soon as he finished setting it down, she spun around and thrust her hands forward, blue energy shooting out and striking the guard. The energy threw him out of the room and into the concrete wall behind him, knocking him unconscious.

Wasting no time, she got up and ran over to the guard and pulled the keys out of his hand and ran down the hallway. She turned a corner and came to a glass door that led into a stairwell. The girl shoved the key into the lock and was onto the stairs in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly the lights turned red and sirens blared in her ears. Looking down the stairwell she saw dozens of guards running up towards her. Seeing no other way, she was forced to ascend to the roof. She came to the door for floor twenty and was about to enter when she saw several guards coming for her on the other side and began to climb the stairs again, higher and higher.

The door to the roof suddenly burst open and the girl ran out as she heard shouts coming from behind her. Using her abilities, she launched herself up onto one of the buildings on top of the roof as the guards burst out and saw her running across. They unholstered their guns and opened fire on her as she ducked down under the bullets before jumping off the other side of the building and running towards the other roof entrance.

“Stop! Or we will kill you!” they yelled as they continued their chase.

As she ran for the door, bullets whizzed past her, a few actually grazing her. In pain, she thrust her hand backwards and a wave of blue energy flew out and dissolved the bullets they made contact.

She threw open the door and ran back down into the building down the stairwell and onto floor twenty. Using the keys she had stolen from the guard who brought her her food, she unlocked it and ran down the hallway. Behind her she heard the guards storming down the stairs towards her.

The girl turned down another corridor and found a door in the middle of the hallway and quickly unlocked it and ran in before closing it again and locking it. Hearing their footsteps coming closer again, she used her powers to summon a chair from across the room and brought it to her and used it to barricade the door from the inside. It wouldn’t hold for long, but she didn’t need it for long.

She turned around and saw that the room’s far wall had a window that led directly to the outside.


Behind her she heard the door being unlocked and guards yelling as they couldn’t open the door because of the chair, but it was already loosening from its position and they would swarm in at any minute.

“Open this door! You’re not getting away!”

Taking a deep breath, she thrust her hands forward and the window shattered as the energy struck it and a breeze filled the room and blew her hair and gown around. She stepped to the end of the room and suddenly ran forward as the chair flew away from the door.

They flooded into the room just in time to see the girl dive out the shattered window.

As she fell through the air towards the ground, she felt the sense of freedom fill her. For the first time in three years, she was finally out of that horrible prison cell and she was free, even if she was now falling to the ground. She was still free.


Using her strange abilities, she suspended herself in midair a few feet from the ground before she let herself hit the ground feet first.

She looked around and saw dozens of guards running towards her. The girl quickly bolted across the yard as bullets flew by. She was approaching a tall steel fence which was topped by barbed wire. Glancing behind herself, she thrust her hands downwards and energy blasted from her palms before she was launched into the air and well over the fence.

The girl landed and rolled to a stop, her messy gown getting torn as she rolled, but she didn’t care. She got up and ripped off the section below her knees, exposing her bare lower legs which were scraped, bruised and dirty.

Then she bolted for the woods that lay beyond the compound. She had never run so fast in her entire life. She only wished she had run this fast when she had first been abducted by these… monsters.

The woman crashed through the edge of the forest and into the road minutes later, her bare legs bearing new scratches and blood running down them.

Not that she cared. She looked up and down the road and knew that they were going to be coming down it any minute looking for her. She had to move.

Running across the road she looked over the railing and saw that it went right off a cliff. It led down into some more woods and then the woods gave way into a city.

Her city.

Suddenly down the road to her right she saw several armored vehicles speed down the highway towards her, their lights shining upon the girl.

Without hesitation, she leaped over the railing and fell down the cliff. As she neared the ground she readied her hands and they glowed with energy before she stopped herself feet from the ground with her strange ability.

Looking back up she saw the shine of the vehicle’s headlights going out over the edge while several of the guards looked down. Quickly she ran into the forest and disappeared from their sight.


She eventually made it into the city. As she walked through the streets, she felt the cold concrete under her bare feet. Passing them, people laughed or stared at her attire, but stopped when they noticed her scrapped and bruised legs.

“Are you okay, my dear?” one man asked as he stopped her.

“Yeah I’m fine,” she answered, shrugging him off.

“Are you sure?”


She quickly moved past the man and walked on. The girl walked for several blocks before she was pulled into an alleyway as she passed it. She was thrown against a wall and saw that her attackers were three men with either bats or knives.

“Hey, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be out here at night,” the lead one said. “Something might happen to you.”

Suddenly he thrust forward with his knife but she moved out of the way and used her powers to bend his arm, snapping it. He keeled over in pain while his comrades swung at her with their bats but she blocked with her abilities and kicked one in the stomach with her foot.

She grabbed one of their bats and swung it around and struck one of them in the face with it, knocking him to the ground with blood running from his cheek and mouth. The girl then swung it upwards and hit the other under the chin with it, launching him up and back down onto the street, unconscious.

The lead one got back up and lunged at her with his knife again but she spun out of the way and used her powers to slam him into the brick wall, knocking him out cold.

The girl looked around at her handiwork before swooping down and snatching his knife and examining it. It was a six-itch blade and was very sharp and had been polished recently. She looked around before running off down the alleyway.

She eventually made it to the rural area of the city of Alberta. It was where her family had resided for so many years, so many generations. Her family was one of the wealthiest in the state. Yet all that was stripped away two years ago.

The girl stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the gate to the estate forty feet ahead of her. The house was shrouded in the shadow of night, but she could see the shattered windows and broken walls. She wiped a tear from her eye before she walked forward.

She came up to the gates, which swung slightly in the breeze. The woman looked up at the family emblem at the top of the steel gateway before pushing them aside and walking up the driveway to her former home.

The girl reached the front door, which was opened ajar. She peered into the crack and saw only darkness. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hand on the large door and pushed. With a loud creak, it swung open inwards. The glow of the moon above cast an eerie light into the house beyond.

Inhaling through her nose, she stepped into the house. The living room was a mess, just as it had been for the past two years. Lamps were throw down and broken, chairs lay upturned and tables on their sides. Glass littered the ornate carpet that was spread across the room.

Quickly moving through the house, wiping yet more tears from her eyes, she ran up the stairs and into a hallway with six doors lining it. She ran down it and came to a room near the end. The door had been busted open and the latch shattered, still on the floor of her room.

She walked into the room and headed for her closet, pulled it open and pulling out a pair of boots, a jacket and a black baseball cap. The girl slipped her feet into the boots, which still fit, but just barely, threw the jacket on, which also just barely fit and put the hat on her head.

The rest of the clothes in her closet she had outgrown, so she was going to have to buy new ones. Leaving her room, she crossed the hall into her mother and father’s. Ignoring the bullet holes in the walls, she went over to the bed, and using her powers, pushed it aside. Underneath was a panel in the floor.

Kneeling down, she grabbed a small handle on it and pulled it up to reveal a small compartment with a black duffel bag in it. She picked it up put it onto the floor. She quickly opened it and looked inside to see several bundles of money. Satisfied, she grabbed it and slung it over her shoulder before she ran out of the room, down the hallway, descending the stairs and out through the front door.

The girl ran towards the gates, not looking back at the home that had housed her since birth.

As she stood in the shower of the motel room, the dirt and blood that had caked her skin for two years ran down the drain and away forever. She cleaned her hair and straightened it back to the way it had once been.

After she had retrieved the duffel bag she went to the nearest Top Discount and bought six new dresses, new boots, a few jackets and hoodies, new underwear and several pairs of leggings. She had caught a few people staring at her stained gown but they looked away as soon as they saw that she had noticed them.

Not that she cared too much. She would be staring too.

The girl turned the knob and the water stopped as she stepped out of the shower and dried herself before putting on some of her new clothes, which consisted of a black dress, leggings, and a black hoodie.

Now dressed, she went into the main room and sat down on the bed cross-legged and pulled out a bag of chips she had bought also at the store. After having taken a few handfuls out, she grabbed a remote that had been sitting on her nightstand and switched on the television.

It came to life on a news station where a news anchor was reporting on breaking news coming from New Hampton.

The situation in New Hampton seems to have reached it’s climax as both the terrorist Ravenger and the vigilante Anna Brail are both in custody’”

Suddenly it cut to a shot of a woman with long black and brown hair in a black dress with a green jacket being brought into a squad car before it took off into the silent night.

The girl’s eyes widened as the news anchor continued.

Both are reportedly Supers. Ravenger seems to be able to generate electricity while Anna Brail can control air. No official statement has been given by the police just yet as they continue to sort out the situation now that the Mayor is dead.

She set down her chips and got up from the bed and grabbed a pair of her shoes and put them on before grabbing the keys to her room and heading out the door and down the steps to the office below.

“How far is New Hampton from here?” she asked the manager and she came in the door.

He looked up in surprise before straightening himself. “About three hours or so, ma’am. But even then the bridges are collapsed and the tunnels are blocked. You couldn’t get in unless you went through the mountains.”

“I need to get there.”

“Why? It’s just stopped being a war zone there. What’s so important that a girl like you needs to get there?”

She smiled. “Anna Brail.”

The door that had been shut for the past twenty minutes suddenly opened before the deputy district attorney walked in. He closed the door before turning back towards her and slapping a file on the table.

“Anna Brail,” he said, his voice cold. “Or Breeze, as they call you.”

“Please don’t call me that,” the woman hand-cuffed to the table interjected.

He ignored her. “You know, for supposedly the great defender of this city, I’m disappointed.”

“I mean, I only defeated Ravenger so I guess I can see why you feel that way,” she replied.

“You think you’re funny, don’t you? Well I don’t.”

“What do you want? You’ve already arrested me.”

“Well, since you haven’t invoked your right to counsel, I can question you.”

“Fine. I don’t need Alex right now anyway.”

“Good,” he said, smiling. The deputy district attorney walked over to the chair opposite Anna and sat down, pulling the file over to him and looking through it.

“So, you’ve actually been tried as a vigilante once already, but you weaseled out of it due to your lawyer Alex Nolan. And then there was no activity for nearly four years until early this year when the mysterious ‘Breeze’ began showing up.

“And then, after that massive warehouse explosion you caused, Ravenger, the terrorist that not only killed our Mayor, united all the gangs in the city by killing their bosses and nearly destroyed the entirety of New Hampton, but is also a Super, shows up.

“And then the incident at the Daily Post happens, and several eyewitnesses say that Ravenger had a special interest in you and actually wanted to take you with him, but you managed to get away before being knocked unconscious.”

“Yeah but I still beat him. The city is safe because of me,” she said.

He looked up from the file. “Is it though? Most of the gangs are still in the underbelly of the city. Sure, we got a lot of them, but they’re still out there. And Ravenger could’ve been the beginning of a bigger plan.”

Anna let out a laugh. “Are you serious? You think that lunatic was actually working for someone?”


“He almost killed me like, I don’t know, ten or eleven times now. I know he’s not working with anyone else.”

“Are you sure?” he leaned closer.

“Positive,” she stayed planted.

Suddenly the door to the room burst open again and Alex Nolan appeared in the doorway.

“Alex?” Anna gasped.

“What are you doing here?” the deputy district attorney stood up.

“I’m here for my client, obviously,” he said walked over to Anna and setting his briefcase on the table.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked her.

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Why are you here? She hasn’t invoked yet.”

“Oh yeah. I invoke my right to counsel,” Anna smiled.

“Bye James,” Alex said, gesturing towards the door.

The deputy district attorney’s face contorted with anger before he picked up the file and stormed out of the room.

He turned back to the woman. “Are you sure you’re okay, Anna?”

“Yes, Alex, I’m perfectly fine,” she assured him. “But what about Nicole, Matthew and my dad? What about Ravenger? Did I kill him?”

“Nicole and your dad are safe. Matthew is with the Chief. Ravenger is contained for the moment.”

“So what now?”

Alex let out a sigh. “Well, I assume our friend wants to try you, and this time it’s not going to be as easy as it was before.”

“But you can get me out of it, can’t you?”

“I may have an edge, but I’m not sure,” he stroked his chin.

“What is it?”

“Well, the fact that you did the save the city. Sure, it was illegal, but you saved the city from a terrorist. They’d have to give you something for that.”

“You’d think so,” she slumped back in her chair as much as she could.

“At the most you’ll get a sentence of three years,” Alex said. “But hopefully I’ll be able to get you to walk free.”

Suddenly the door opened and the deputy district attorney came back in.

“Alright that’s it. You’re going to answer some questions for me, Anna Brail.”

“At least she has her lawyer here, James,” Alex smiled.

“Very well,” he said before pulling up another chair and setting it next to Anna, gesturing for Alex to sit in it.

Anna’s attorney nodded and got up and went to the other chair, James sitting across from them.

“So, how long have you had your… abilities?”

“Don’t answer that,” Alex said.

“Yes you will.”

“No she won’t.”

“Alex,” James said, looking over his spectacles. “Work with me here.”

“Not if you’re trying to put my client behind bars. You know the drill.”

Anna weighed in. “Why don’t I need to answer the question?”

“Because that’s personal information and you don’t need to give him it.”

James slammed his hand down on the table. “Yes she does!”

“No, she doesn’t.”

“Alex, you are undermining the justice system! She needs to be tried for her crimes and I cannot prosecute her without these details!”

“Yes you can.”

“I cannot, and will not!”

“Well, if you won’t prosecute her without how long she’s had her powers,” Alex smiled. “Then I guess you can let her go.”


“It’s unconstitutional to put someone in prison without a fair trial, James,” Alex began packing his things.

“No,” Anna said suddenly.

“What?” the two men said in surprise.

“No. I want this trial.”

Alex leaned down next to Anna. “No you don’t.”

She looked back at him, her eyes defiant. “Yes, I do. I deserve it.”

He stared at her.

“Alex, please.”

The man let out a long sigh. “Fine.”

“Thank you.”

She turned back to the district attorney. “My powers manifested themselves about three years after my birth, and mastered them when I was eleven.”

“How were your powers created?”

Anna shrugged.

“Okay, now-,” suddenly there was a knock on the door and an officer opened it and came in.

“Deputy district attorney Ryan, I’m sorry to interrupt, but Ravenger has arrived.”

“Wait, he’s here?” Anna asked, straightening up.

“Yes, but perfectly contained,” the officer replied.

“Uh, alright then,” James said, standing up and collecting his things. “We’ll pick this up at another time, miss Brai.”

“I’ll be here,” she responded.

A small smile went across his face before he left with the officer. After he had gone Alex turned to her again.

“Why do you want to go through with this trial?”

“Because I deserve it.”

“No you don’t. You’re a hero.”

“But I do. I killed all those people in the warehouse. I let Ravenger take control of the gangs. I let the Mayor get killed…”

“Those weren’t your fault-.”

“But they were!” she snapped. “If I had been faster, better, I could’ve stopped all this before it ever started. I’m a failure.”

“No, you’re not.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“It seems kind of funny,” Nicole said as they drove down the road. “It seems we just escaped the Police Station and now we’re going back.”

“Yeah it does,” Mark replied, looking out the window. “But this time the city is safe.”

“Thanks to Anna,” she smiled.

“Thanks to Anna,” he nodded.

“I hope she’s doing okay,” Nicole said.

Mark put his arm around her shoulder. “I’m sure she’s fine. Alex is probably there already.”

“There’s going to be another trial, isn’t there?”


“I doubt she’ll be able to get out of this one,” Nicole sighed.

“Perhaps, but Alex is a fine lawyer.”


A few minutes later they came to a stop at the Police Station and were brought in by the officer that had driven them there. Once inside it was improved over the last time they had been there, but was still a mess. Glass and paper shreds littered the floor, bullet holes lined the walls, and blood was stained on the ground.

The officer sat them down on a bench and then left to assist with the booking of all the gangsters that they had arrested.

“You know, even though Anna defeated Ravenger and the gangs are scattered again,” Nicole said. “I can’t shake the feeling that this is all only the beginning.”

“The beginning of what?” Mark turned to the woman.

“The end.”

“I hope you’re comfortable,” he said as he entered the room.

“You… will… all die…” Ravenger ask through the breathing mask he was wearing.

The Chief laughed. “We all will one way, but not by your hand.”

The terrorist snarled. “I am the rightful ruler of this city! You will all bow down before me!”

“No, we won’t,” Chief John Dillon said before approaching the cage. “You’re a criminal, and we let those rot in a cell for the rest of their lives.”

Suddenly there was a flash of light followed by screaming, but it wasn’t coming from anyone outside the cage. Ravenger slumped forward as the last flickers of electricity faded from his body.

“I was hoping that would happen,” he laughed again.

“What… did you do?!” he struggled to yell.

“We’ve been working on this baby for the past month,” Dillon said, walking around the large metal cage. It was like the compartment of a small car, with several panels of glass so they could see him, but they were too thick for him to break through.

Ravenger himself was strapped to a chair, his arms, legs, and torso held by large metallic clamps.

“You see, it’s designed so that when you discharge your powers, it feeds it back into you,” the Chief stopped back in front of the terrorist. “Neat, huh?”

“No prison can hold me… I will kill you all!”

“Yeah I don’t think so,” Matthew Weaver said as he watched form afar.

“Why don’t you come closer so we can find out?” Ravenger’s eyes blazed with rage.

“Enough,” Dillon snapped. “Now down to business so I don’t have to look at your scarred face any longer.

“So, now that you’ve been defeated, your army has snaked back into the underbelly of the city from which they came. It seems that your whole empire came tumbling down as soon as you were taken out, which leads me to question if you were a pawn in somebody else’s game. But whose?”

The terrorist leaned forward as much as his restraints would allow. “No one.”

“You see, I’ve been a police officer for about forty years now, and I’ve seen gangs come and go, rise and fall, but almost none have fallen as easily as yours.”

Ravenger said nothing.

The Chief smiled. “I thought so.”

He turned and began walking away past the armed guards.

“When you’re ready to talk, let me know.”

Dillon joined Matthew and the two as walked through the door before it slid shut behind them. As they walked down the corridor, Matthew couldn’t shake the feeling that the terrorist was working for someone else.

“Chief, you don’t really think Ravenger was working for someone else, do you?”

“What? I don’t know for sure, but it would make sense. You don’t just go out and decide to take over a city without any real motivation.”

“He said that him being betrayed was his motive, and that he’s done this to several other cities but failed.”

The Chief waved his hand. “That’s a lie. Sure, he was probably betrayed, but he would need real motivation to do all this. Unless he’s just really, really butthurt. Then we’ll need a therapist.”

Somewhere north of Alberta, Washington.

“What is it?” he said as the guard entered the room.

“Sir, prisoner 091000 has escaped the facility.”

He turned around quickly, his eyes blazing. “How? How did you let that happen?!”

“Sir, she had… abilities,” the guard replied, taking a step back.

“What do you mean by ‘abilities’?”

“She had energy-based telekinetic powers. She must’ve developed them from the experiments.”

The man chuckled. “It worked? It actually worked? I thought that oaf was the only one!”

“What do you want us to do next, sir? Find her?”

“Yes, she cannot be let to roam free, but,” he turned back to the window. “Begin Phase Two.”

The guard nodded. “Yes sir!”

He then turned and left the room, leaving him alone again.

The man looked out over the woodland that surrounded the compound. “Everything is falling into place…”

Chapter 2 on the Anna Wiki:


#Chapter 2: Trial by Fire
“Anna,” he said as he stepped into the room. “It’s time.”

She wiped the tears out of her eyes and nodded before standing up and walking past her attorney. The two walked through a corridor as three officers followed them to a large set of double oak doors. The two looked at each other before he pushed open the doors and they entered the courtroom.

As soon as she stepped in the room, she was blinded by the flash of cameras and deafened by almost everyone in the court talking to her at once. Alex noticed that she was being overwhelmed and quickly escorted her to their table on the other side of the divider.

The two sat down and Alex began to unpack the things from his briefcase while Anna held her head in her hands. A tear fell from between her hands and onto the skirt of her black dress. She had been so sure of her punishment, but now she was scared of it. What had she done? Why did she blame herself for doing her job? She had known it had been her God-given duty, and she was neglecting it in favor of punishment.

“All rise for the Honorable Judge Roberts,” the Bailiff suddenly yelled.

As quickly as she could, she and everyone else in the room stood up and silenced themselves as the Judge walked up to the bench.

“You may be seated,” he said.

Everyone sat down again as he struck the gavel.

“This court is now in session.”

“Case 2123: the People verses Anna Brail,” the Bailiff read before handing the folder to the Judge, who looked it over.

Judge Roberts looked up to Anna on his right.

“And how does the Defendant plead?”

Anna and Alex stood up. “Not guilty, your Honor,”

“Alright. The Prosecution may give their opening statements.”

Deputy district attorney John Ryan smiled before standing up. “Thank you, your Honor.”

He walked out from behind the table and to the center of the court. “Well, first off, I would like to acknowledge that we’ve had quite the times recently,” he looked around at the assembled. “A terrorist, an invasion, a dead mayor, and just utter chaos, but here we are today.”

“Are you going somewhere with this, deputy district attorney?” the Judge said, a slight undertone of annoyance in his voice, which made Anna grin before she hid it.

“Yes, your Honor,” Ryan replied, slightly irritated but he continued. “Anyway, the police force eventually overtook Ravenger’s army and had the situation almost under control except for the arrest of the terrorist himself.

“But, Anna Brail took it upon herself to bring Ravenger to justice, even though it is not her place to do so. She is what we call a vigilante, which is illegal in all fifty states because of powered people. And Anna Brail is one such individual.”

He turned to the girl. “Would you mind demonstrating your abilities for us, miss Brail?”

She looked to Alex who nodded and she held out her hand and blew a piece of paper off the table in front of them, causing everyone to gasp.

Ryan smiled. “Thank you, miss Brail.”

He turned back to the Jury. “So as you see, miss Brail is in clear violation of the Supers Act, which prohibits them from dispensing vigilante justice. And she has been doing such acts for the past two months, which include, but are not limited to the warehouse explosion, various assaults and impeding of the police.

“Therefore, she must be considered a criminal, no matter how many dresses she decides to wear to cover it up. Thank you.”

Judge Roberts nodded before Ryan returned to his chair.

“Mister Nolan, you may give your defense,” the Judge then turned to Alex.

“Yes sir,” he said before standing up and walking to where the district attorney had been.

“Did you write that down beforehand, deputy district attorney Ryan? Because that was some speech.”

Ryan nodded an awkward thanks.

“But as I am miss Brail’s attorney, I will have to defend her.

“Sure, it is true that she has been acting as a vigilante for the past few months, which is illegal due to the Supers Act, but she is the only one who could actually combat Ravenger, who as you said, mister Ryan, not only killed our Mayor but caused mass chaos throughout the entire city. And without miss Brail, we’d be under the rule of a terrorist.

“Yes, despite breaking the law, she saved us all and has done a whole lot of good for our city, and I say that she must not be punished for her actions but congratulated as a hero. But of course,” he turned to the jury. “That is up to you. Thank you.”

He nodded to the Judge who returned it and took his seat next to Anna again.

Deputy district attorney Ryan stood up again. “I’d like to call the first witness to the stand.”

A moment later a man in an orange jumpsuit and chains was escorted in by two guards. Alex quickly stood up.

“Objection your Honor,” he said. “This man is a member of the Cold Steel gang and is not a reliable witness.”

“Yes, mister Nolan,” the Judge said before turning to the deputy district attorney. “Why do you bring in this gang member?”

“Mister Grant is a witness to miss Brail’s crimes and deserves to have his voice heard.”

“Not if he’s a criminal,” Anna muttered.

Judge Roberts sighed before nodding. The Bailiff pulled out a Bible and held it up for the gang member. The man reluctantly placed his hand upon its surface.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?”


He was then escorted to the stand and sat down. Ryan then came up to him.

“Hello. What is your name?”

“Don James Grant,” the man replied.

“Mister Grant, do you know that woman over there,” he pointed to Anna, who sunk into her chair slightly.

“Yes I do.”

“And how do you know miss Brail?”

“She attacked my comrades and I,” Don said through his missing teeth.

“Did you provoke her to attack? Like did you attack her?”

“No I did not.”

“So she just attacked you for no reason?”

“Yes sir.”

“Thank you mister Grant,” Ryan said before returning to his table. Alex then stood up and walked over to the stand.

“Hello mister Grant. Can I call you Don?” he leaned on the wood.

Don shrugged.

“Alright I’m going to call you Don,” Alex smiled. “So you say that my client attacked you unprovoked?”

He nodded.

“May I ask, what you were doing at the time?”

Don hesitated.


Still no answer.

“Answer the question, mister Grant. And remember that you are still under oath,” the Judge said sharply.

“Escorting police officers to Ravenger,” he finally spoke.

Alex turned to the deputy district attorney. “If you’re going to bring in a criminal witness, mister Ryan, you ought to try a bit harder.”

“I’d have to agree, mister Ryan. Your next witness better be of more substance or you will most definitely lose this case.”

Alex returned to his seat while Don Grant was escorted out of the courtroom. John Ryan stood up again and straightened his tie before speaking again.

“I’d like to call the next witness to the stand.”

Anna leaned over to Alex and whispered in his ear. “I hope this one’s worse than the last one.”

A moment later an older woman was escorted into the courtroom where the Bailiff came up to her with the Bible.

“Place your hand on the Bible, ma’am,” he said.

She nodded and placed her hand upon the book and raised her other hand.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?”

“I do.”

The woman was then led to the stand and took her seat. Ryan walked out from behind the table again and over to her.

“Can you give the court your full birth name?”

“Jane Alexandra Grey.”

“Miss Grey, do you know the Defendant?” the district attorney asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“How do you know miss Brail?”

“She was at the warehouse explosion.”

Anna shifted uncomfortably in her seat as Ryan smiled.

“Do you know if she’s the one who caused the explosion?” the man asked, leaning on the stand.

“I don’t know,” the woman said. “But I saw her jump onto the roof next to the building just before the blast.”

“So would you assume that miss Brail is the one who caused the explosion?”

“She very well might have.”

“Did the explosion cause any damage to your home or any of your personal property?”

“Well it did set fire to the outside of my home, but-.”

“Thank you that is all, miss Grey,” Ryan said before turning to the Jury.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, there is much compelling evidence that Anna Brail is not only an assaulter, but also a murderer. This is just one bit of evidence of her crimes.”


“And clearly she is also guilty of property damage.”

“I don’t care what her crimes are!” Jane suddenly burst out, causing every head to snap in her direction.

“Those… those monsters killed my husband two years ago! They murdered him when he was simply coming home from work! He wasn’t a criminal, he wasn’t bad, he was just trying to support me! I would let her cause damage to my house ten thousand times over if it meant subduing those animals!”

Slowly she calmed down and held her hands in her hands and wept. The entire courtroom was silent except for her sobbing.

Judge Roberts turned to Alex.

“Do you want to question the witness, mister Nolan?”

He merely shook his head.

The Judge nodded and leaned to the Bailiff. “Miss Grey can be escorted for the stand now.”

The Bailiff nodded his head and went over to the crying woman and helped her down from the stand and brought her over to the guards that had brought her in and they escorted her out of the room while Ryan took his seat again.

“We’ll break for lunch and reconvene at one,” Judge Roberts said before striking the gavel again.

“It’s like district attorney Ryan isn’t even trying,” Nicole said as they stood in the hallway.

“I’ve known John for a long time,” Alex stroked his chin. “And he’s never been a terribly competent lawyer, but this is below the bar for him.”

“How did he even get appointed as a deputy district attorney?” Matthew asked.

“Charm,” Mark replied.

Alex nodded.

“Well if he keeps pulling out witnesses that don’t help his cause, then I’m going to win, right?” Anna asked, leaning against the wall.

“If it keeps going this way, yes, but this seems too easy,” Alex responded.

“Unless,” Mark said.

“What?” everyone asked.

“Unless he’s just a pawn in somebody else’s game.”

“But who’s?” Alex inquired.

“I don’t know yet,” Mark replied. “But something just feels off about all of this.”

The gavel struck.

“This court is now back in session,” Judge Roberts said as everybody sat back down.

He turned to deputy district attorney Ryan. “I hope you have a better witness this time, district attorney.”

“I do, your Honor,” Ryan said, standing up and straightening his tie.

“I’d like to call Anna Brail to the stand.”

Anna looked up suddenly and around before Alex nodded. Reluctantly, she stood up and walked over to the Bailiff, who was holding the Bible again. She placed one hand upon the leather cover and raised her other.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

“So help me God,” Anna replied.

She was led to the stand and sat down before John Ryan approached her.

“Miss Brail,” he smiled, but she knew it was just to charm her. “If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

“Objection this is not relevant information to the case,” Alex stood up.

“Sustained. Mister Ryan, if you would care to share why this is relevant information?” Judge Roberts asked.

“I want to know how old miss Brail is because she seems pretty young to be acting as a vigilante.”

The Judge sighed. “Very well.”

“So, miss Brail, how old are you?”

“Almost twenty-three,” she replied reluctantly.

“So you’re twenty-two, and you’re a vigilante. Aren’t you a little young for that?”

“I saw a need and decided to meet it.”

“And that need was to break the clearly-established Supers law?”

“If it was necessary,” she said.

“Huh,” Ryan replied. “Did that include killing all those gangsters?”

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” she leaned forward.

“So what was supposed to happen, miss Brail?”

“I wanted them to be disabled. I didn’t want them dead-.”

“But you did, didn’t you? Deep down inside?” the deputy district attorney said. “That’s why used shot that crate of grenades?”

“Objection!” Alex shot up again. “There is no proof of this.”

“Sustained. Deputy district attorney Ryan I am warning you that if you keep this up, I will be forced to declare a mistrial and you will probably be replaced with someone more competent.”

“Yes, your Honor,” Ryan bowed his head. “Of course.”

He turned back to the woman in front of him. “Miss Brail, several times in the past few months you have impeding police operations, such as the incident at the ammunition warehouse and at the Daily Post, and even during the Ravenger invasion.”

“How did I impede the Police at the Daily Post?” Anna raised an eyebrow.

“I’m the one asking the questions here.”

“Answer the question,” the Judge looked over his spectacles at the district attorney.

“Very well. You caused the situation to escalate with your actions while the police were trying to save the hostages.”

“I weakened Ravenger and saved several S.W.A.T. officers from getting blown away.”

“Ah yes, the mysterious explosion in the IT department that left nobody injured except a few gangsters who had been knocked out before the blast. That was you?”

“As Ravenger escaped he threw a grenade into the room and I knew that I had to act otherwise we’d all die.”

“You used your powers to stop the explosion?” Ryan’s eyebrow raised.


“That’s pretty heroic for someone so young.”

“It’s my calling,” Anna shrugged.

“Your calling?”

“My God-given calling, deputy district attorney.”

“Ah so you’re a Christian?” Ryan leaned on the stand.

“Through the flood and the fire.”

“And do you think God approves of your actions?”


“District attorney Ryan. Final warning.”

“I have no further questions,” Ryan said, returning to his desk where one of his colleagues was looking questioningly at him as he sat down.

“Mister Nolan, do you have any questions you would like to ask miss Brail?”

“Yes, your Honor,” Alex got up and walked over to the girl.

“So, miss Brail,” he smiled. “Do you like doing what you’re doing?”

“No, but I know it needs to be done,” she replied.

“Could you elaborate? What drives you? What makes you go out and save people?”

Anna took a deep breath. “There’s so much crime in this world, so much darkness. Every day more people either die or get hurt. There’s too much wrong to just stand by and do nothing. When I realized I could do this,” she created a small whirlwind in her hand. “It was no question what I would do with my life. Even from when I was a little girl, I knew I had to be the light in the dark.”

“Thank you, miss Brail. That is all,” Alex said before going back to the table.

Judge Roberts turned to Anna. “You are excused.”

She nodded. “Yes, your Honor.”

The woman got up and walked over and took her seat next to Alex again, who patted her on the back.

“I believe you’ve heard enough?” Roberts looked to the Jury, who nodded.

“Alright then, we are in recess until the Jury has reached a verdict.”

And with that, he struck the gavel again, and the clock began.

“You’ll be okay, Anna,” Nicole said, putting her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “They have to rule in your favor.”

“But what if they side with Ryan?”

“Nobody in their right mind would side with them, sweetheart,” Mark replied. “He was less coherent than a spider-monkey.”

“Let’s hope the Jury thinks that,” Anna muttered.

Suddenly they heard the bell ring and they all looked at each other before getting up. Mark hugged his daughter.

“You’ll be fine, my dear.”

Anna couldn’t respond, but a tear slipped down her cheek.

They made their way back into the courtroom and they all took their seats. To the right of them the Jury came out through a backdoor and took their seats again. Judge Roberts nodded at them and struck the gavel again.

“This court is now back in session,” he said. “Has the Jury reached a verdict?”

“They have, your Honor,” the one closest to him said, standing up and holding a piece of paper.

He nodded to the two tables and the four stood up.

“The Jury finds the Defendant…”

As he paused it seemed an eternity passed them by.

“…Not guilty, your Honor. But will be prohibited from further acts of vigilantism.”

There was an uproar of applause and cheering as everyone got up and Anna and Alex hugged before she turned and hugged Nicole, Matthew and Mark. On the other side Ryan buried his face in his hands as his colleague looked at him worriedly.

“Are you okay, John?” she asked, putting her hand on his shoulder, but he quickly and angrily swatted it away. She held in pain as her face was flooded with fear.

“Of course of I’m fine!” he yelled at her before collecting his stuff and storming off. Alex and Anna saw this and quickly went over to her.

“What happened?” Alex said, kneeling down beside her as she wept into her hands.

“Are you okay?” Anna asked, kneeling down on her other side.

“Something’s wrong with him,” she finally replied, her sobs becoming increasingly far apart. “He’s never been like this.”

Anna and Alex looked at each other.

He was practically running to his vehicle, mumbling to himself.

“They’re going to get me… I have to go… I’m ruined…”

John Ryan reached his black car and fumbled in his pocket for his keys when they clattered to the floor. He reached down for them when a voice suddenly came from the darkness behind him. The man swung around and saw another man in a motorized wheelchair coming towards him.

“District attorney Ryan,” the man said, peering over his spectacles with his fingers interlocked. “I thought you said you had this case ‘in the bag’.”

“I told you this would not be an easy case to win!” Ryan argued.

“No, you did not.”

“We can wait to ding her on another of her vigilante acts.”

“Unfortunately for you, you will not live long enough to see that happen.”

Suddenly something moved out of the corner of Ryan’s eye before there were two sharp wisps before he fell against his car, blood streaking down behind him.

Deputy district attorney John Ryan looked up to see a large man above him with a pistol in hand, smoke coming from the silencer at the end.


The gun went off again and he went slack, looking down at the ground of the parking garage with dead eyes.

“Our work here is done,” the man in the wheelchair said as they went off into the darkness, leaving the man against the car, red pooling around him.

Chapter 3: Inferno on the Anna Wiki:

#Chapter 3: Inferno
“So how does it feel?” Nicole asked as they walked down the street.

“How does what feel?” Anna replied.

“Being free? How does it feel?”

“Great,” Anna said, wiping the hair out of her face. “It was dreadful.”

They turned a corner and saw that Anna’s apartment building come into view. At the entrance was a crowd of reporters and Anna quickly pulled Nicole into a nearby alleyway, nearly spilling her friend’s coffee.

“What’s the problem, Anna?” Nicole asked, looking out from the alley.

“Reporters,” Anna replied. “They’ve been trying to get an interview ever since I got released.”

“How do you even live like this?”

“I barely do,” Anna said. “That’s why I’m planning on moving.”

“Move? Where?”

“Somewhere else in the city. I need it big enough to hold clients.”

“Why do you want clients?”

“Because I want to open a private detective agency.”

Nicole almost laughed. “A private detective agency? Are you serious?”

“Dead serious.”

Nicole could tell that there was no humor or sarcasm in her friend’s voice.

“You’re serious? Why?”

“Well, there’s not much else I can do to get money now. I can’t go back to the Daily Post, I can’t go back to Top Discount and I doubt I can go anywhere else besides the government. This is the only way.”

She leaned against the brick wall. “Yeah but that career leads you to be hired by less than reputable people for less than respectable things.”

“I can just turn them down, you know.”

“Yeah but this is a risky business, Anna. I’m worried for you.”

“I’ll be fine, Nicole,” Anna smiled. “I promise.”

It had been a long few weeks.

She had had to take several buses from Alberta down through the State of Washington towards New Hampton, and even then the city was still cut off from the outside world, and the only way to get in was through the mountains, which were dangerous.

The bus came to a stop just outside the city. This was as far as it could go towards New Hampton before it turned off to the west. She grabbed her bags and walked off the bus. As she stepped off, the bus driver called after her.

“Are you going to be okay, ma’am?”

“Yes I will. How far is New Hampton from here?” the dark-haired girl turned back towards him.

“A few hundred miles, probably. Why? You wanna go there?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Something like that.”

“The tunnels and bridges are all collapsed. There’s no way you’d get in.”

“I need to get into the city,” she insisted.

“The only way you’re getting in is through the mountains, and that’s suicide at best.”

“It’s worth it.”

She then turned to leave when he called after her again.

“Hey, you seem like a nice girl. Be careful.”

“I will.”

And with that, she walked off down the road towards New Hampton as the bus turned towards a better place.

She put the final item she could into the box before closing it up and with straining effort, picked it up and brought it over to the stack of boxes. After she set it down she wiped her brow and stretched her back before sitting on the couch for a few minutes.

Anna was almost done preparing to move. She already had a property on the other side of New Hampton set up. She didn’t know if she could get a business license anytime soon, though, because the government was kind of at a standstill while the interim Mayor was getting adjusted to office. There was already one ready to run, but it would be several months before there was actually an election.

The woman reached over and grabbed the remote for her TV and flipped on the television. The screen came to the news which, to her surprise, showed Matthew.

“So far we don’t have any suspects, but we are still investigating.”

The screen then cut to a female news anchor in the studio.

“That was New Hampton Detective Matthew Weaver, giving a statement on the discovery of deputy district attorney John Ryan’s corpse in the parking complex of the courthouse this morning. Preliminary reports suggest that he has been dead for the past week, just after the Anna Brail trial.”

Suddenly her phone rang and she grabbed it to see that Alex was calling. She picked up and held it to her ear.

“Do you see what’s on the news?” he asked from the other side.

“Yeah I just saw. They say it happened right after my trial?”

“Seems reasonable.”

“Who do you think killed him?”

“I wouldn’t know, but so far it’s looking like a professional hit.”

“Why would someone want him dead?”

“I wouldn’t know, unless he didn’t deliver on a promise of putting you behind bars.”

“What do you mean?” Anna asked, standing up.

“I mean that someone was threatening him to put you in jail,” Alex replied. “Could explain why he was so sloppy during your trial. Pressure.”

“And he payed for it with his life,” Anna said.


“But why? Why go through out that trouble to get me in jail?”

“I don’t know, but I suggest you’d better be on your guard. From the looks of it, they’re far from done.”

“Sir,” the tall man walked into the room. “They’ve discovered deputy district attorney Ryan, sir.”

The man in the wheelchair chuckled. “About time, too.”

“And what about the girl?” the man asked.

“What about her?”

“It’s just that, we haven’t had any success in locating her, sir.”

The man sighed. “Keep looking, then. We must find her. We need her and Anna Brail for phase two.”

“Yes sir,” the other man said before walking out of the room.

Alone again, he continued looking out over the city of New Hampton. Night was beginning to fall again, the horizon turning red and purple. The lights in the city below had flared into life and was the only illumination in his dark office.

It hadn’t been too long ago that this building had been hijacked and his employees taken hostage. Of course they hadn’t been harmed and they were expendable. But he did need the revenue from the technologies they developed.

He turned away from the window and rolled over to his desk. Clapping his hands twice, the lights of his office flared into life, illuminating various pieces of artwork and relics displayed around the room.

The man activated his computer and it booted up to show a blue screen with several details in the wallpaper. On top of the screen were several files, two in particular labeled ‘‘Jessica Sapphire’’ and ‘‘Anna Brail’’.

Bringing the cursor up, he clicked on Anna Brail’s which opened to reveal several documents and pictures. The pictures were either of a woman with black and brown hair in a dress walking in the street or blurry pictures of a woman in a black dress, green jacket and black and brown hair.

On of the documents was a news article from the Daily Post published that day, written by Albert Clarkson, which read: ‘‘Anna Brail Revealed As The Vigilante “Breeze”’’.

Scrolling down, he read snippets of the article.

“‘‘In a shocking turn of events after Ravenger’s fall, the Daily Post’s very own Anna Brail has been revealed as the vigilante ‘Breeze’, who has for the past few months been cleaning up the streets, taking down operations run by the major gangs of this city. The most notable of these is the warehouse explosion near the end of May.’’”

“‘‘Now, Anna Brail is the one responsible for Ravenger’s downfall. In a battle on top of the FuturTech building, miss Brail managed to launch the terrorist off the building to his defeat. He has since been taken into Police custody. Moments later Anna Brail too, was arrested. Reports say that her lawyer, Alex Nolan was called in an hour or two after she had been taken into custody.’’”

“‘‘A trial for miss Brail was then held three weeks after she was arrested, on July 28. During the trial it got fairly heated and somewhat confusing, as it seemed that deputy district attorney John Ryan didn’t know what he was doing. A week after the trial, the district attorney’s body was found by his car in the parking garage next to the courthouse. It is suspected he was murdered just after the trial occurred. The culprit is currently unknown.’’”

He then opened the file labeled “Jessica Sapphire”. Opening it, it revealed a mugshot of a young woman whose face was cut and dirtied. A snippet of a news article was included in the file.

“‘‘A tragedy at the Sapphire residence in the city of Alberta Washington has left the city shaken to its very core. Wilson and Diana Sapphire, along with four of their children, were found dead in their home on May 30, 2015 after their house was seemingly raided. Their daughter, Jessica Sapphire, is currently missing. It is suspected the attackers took her when they raided the house and murdered the rest of her family. The search for the missing girl is currently ongoing.’’”

“Jessica… Jessica… you are one of my most successful experiments. How could you betray me so?”

He turned his head and looked out over the city of New Hampton once more.

“We will see each other again, don’t worry.”

She was walking out of the store with a bag of food when the man came up to her. He was wearing a pair of jeans, a gray ■■■■■ and a brown jacket. His hair was dark and a bit messy.

“What do you want?” Anna asked as she stopped.

The man held out his hand. “Albert Clarkson.”

Reluctantly, she took it and shook.

“Anna Brail.”

“Yeah I know,” he said, rubbing his head. “I’m from the Daily Post and-.”

“No,” Anna cut him off before walking away, him quickly following.

“Alright, I know you don’t like or want an interview, mainly because the media keeps twisting your story, but the Daily Post isn’t.”

“And why not?”

“Well, for starters, you used to work for us, and let’s be honest you saved a bunch of people during that hostage situation.”

“Oh yeah, why didn’t I see you there?”

“I’ve been out of town for a few months and only came back in just before the whole invasion started.”

“Lucky you survived, huh?” Anna said sarcastically.

Albert chuckled. “Nicole told me you liked to use sarcasm.”

The woman stopped. “You know Nicole?”

“Uh… yeah? I work at the Daily Post, remember? Of course I know her.”

“Right,” Anna said, brushing the hair out of her face. “And what else did Nicole tell you about me?”

“That you can be blunt, rude and just downright stubborn.”

Anna muttered. “That’s typical.”

“But she also said that you’re determined and know what you do is right.”

“She really said that?”


“I didn’t think-.”

She was suddenly cut off by a familiar voice, a too familiar voice.

“Hello, Anna.”

Anna turned her head to her right and dropped the bag in her hand.


A man twenty-three years old was standing ten feet away from them, his orange eyes glowing.

“Long-time, no-see, huh?”

“That’s because I left you. You’re a psychopath. Why’d they let you out of prison?”

“Anna, what’s going on?” Albert asked, looking from her to the man.

“Get back, Albert.”

“I see you got a new boyfriend in these past four years.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Anna said, her knuckles whitening.

“Yeah I’m not her boyfriend, whoever you are,” Albert replied.

“I don’t care,” John said. “That’s not why I’m here.”

Anna’s eyes flashed with anger. “Then why are you here, John?”

He chuckled to himself. “To end you, over course.”

Suddenly he thrust his fists forward and a massive blast of fire soared at them. In the blink of an eye, Anna knocked Albert out of the way and thrust her hand at the wave of fire flying at her. A blast of air came from her hand and struck the fire head-on, creating a tunnel of fire around her.

Quickly the fire disappeared and John jumped at her. She flipped out of the way and launched gusts of air at him. He dodged them and returned fire, balls of flame flying at her. The woman ducked under them and sent a slice of air at him, knocking him backwards.

John recovered himself and flipped in midair, a trail of flame coming from his foot. Anna used her powers to sever the streak and unleashed a cyclone at him. He was knocked backwards but caught himself and flipped back up, sending another blast of fire at the woman.

This one took her by surprise and knocked her off-balance. Taking advantage, he uppercut her, blasting her with fire and then spinning around kicking her in the stomach, launching her across the parking lot, tumbling across the pavement and then to a halt, battered and bruised.

The man chuckled as he approached the nearly unconscious woman on the ground, fire circling his hands.

“This is my revenge, Anna. Revenge for crippling me for three years and ruining my life,” he spat. “You know? After what happened, no one would even come near me. How am I supposed to get a girlfriend if no one comes near me? How do I get married?

“I’ve always wanted to get married, you know? I thought you were the one, the one who would finally marry me. But no, you were just another who wouldn’t commit!”

He came up to the woman on the ground and raised one of his hands above, fire swirling brightly.

“Goodbye, Anna. It hasn’t been a pleasure.”

Suddenly something swung through the air and struck the man in the back of the head. As soon as it did, he fell to the ground next to Anna, unconscious.

Behind where he had been standing Albert lowered the silver bat before dropping it and running over to Anna.

“Anna?” he shook her gently. “Are you okay? Anna?”

She looked at him with half-opened eyes and a dazed expression. “Albert…?”

That was all she said before she fell into the black.

Albert quickly pulled out his phone and dialed 911 and held it up to his ear.

“Yes? Hello, this is Albert Clarkson. I need an ambulance at the Top Discount. Anna Brail was attacked and she needs medical attention.”

He looked down at the unconscious woman in his arms.

“Stay with me, Anna.”

Nicole, Matthew and Mark nearly ran out of the elevator as soon as the doors parted. They ran down the corridor and were stopped by a nurse.

“Who are you three?” she stood in their way.

“Where’s Anna Brail?” Mark asked, urgency in his voice.

“Who are you?” she repeated.

Matthew pulled out his badge and showed it to the nurse. “I’m detective Matthew Weaver. This is my sister Nicole and Anna’s father Mark.”

“Okay. I’m sorry, I have to make sure everyone who comes in is identified,” the nurse said, relieved. “Miss Brail is this way.”

Together, the four of them walked through the corridors and came to the entrance to a room guarded by two officers, who tensed at their arrival.

“At ease, gentlemen,” Matthew showed them his badge.

They nodded and let the nurse lead them into the room. Inside they saw the woman laying unconsciously on the bed while a man in a brown jacket held her hands sat beside her. At their arrival he let it go and stood up.

“Albert?” Nicole said as soon as she saw him.

“Hey Nicole.”

“Who are you?” Mark nearly demanded, walking up to the man.

But Nicole stopped him. “It’s okay, Mark, he’s a co-worker of mine.”

Mark was put slightly at ease, but not much. “And what exactly were you doing with my daughter?”

“I wanted to get an interview with her. Get her side of the story.”

“Oh so you’re a reporter?”

“Yes sir.”

Mark then moved past him and sat down next to the woman under the covers and held her hand.

“What happened?”

“Well, we were walking through the parking lot when this crazy dude came out of nowhere and attacked us.”

“With a knife? A gun?” Nicole inquired.

“No,” Albert said. “Fire.”

“What, a blowtorch or something?” Matthew asked.

“No, like he made the fire with his bare hands.”

“Another Super? How?” Nicole looked around.

“Do you know his name?” Mark questioned.

“Anna said his name was John.”

Mark’s face darkened. “Oh no.”

“What is it, Mark?” Matthew asked.

“John was Anna’s boyfriend the first year she was at Salem University. He’s the reason she came back home.”

“Did he have powers then?” Albert’s eyes widened.

“I don’t think so, but he did try to burn Anna alive.”

“Charming,” Nicole said sarcastically.

“Where is he now?” Mark stood up, his daughter’s hand still in his.

“Our number of Supers just keeps piling up,” the Chief said as he came into the room. He came up to the bars and looked down on the man sitting in the cell.

“Who are you?”

“What does it matter to you?” John spat.

Chief Dillon pulled up a chair and sat down. “Well, you attacked Anna Brail, a Super, and you are also a Super, so it matters to me what your name is.”

“John Arwin,” the man finally said.

Dillon nodded to one of the officers standing by, who left the room after returning the nod. The Chief then turned back to the man in front of him.

“Well, nice to have a name to go with the face,” he smiled. “Now, why did you attack miss Brail?”

“Because she nearly killed me.”

“Are you a gangster?”

“No, of course not, stupid.”

Dillon leaned forward. “Then how did she almost kill you?”

“It was four years ago at Salem University. She and I were together, but her religion kept interrupting our relationship and she broke it off. We then had a fight and she threw me out the window, where I broke both my legs and my arm.”

“Did you have powers then?” the Chief asked.

“No, they must’ve have developed after my injury,” John replied.

“Well,” Dillon said, getting up and looking at his watch. “We’re going to pick this up again another time. And I’ll bring Anna after she’s healed.”

“You know something bigger’s coming, right?” John called after him.

“Like what?” the Chief turned back.

“The beginning of the end.”

Dillon looked at him for a minute before leaving the room, the door shutting behind him.

Chapter 4: Burning Lights is on the Anna Wiki.

#Chapter 4: Burning Lights


‘‘You have to get up, sweetheart…’’

‘‘Get up…’’

She sat bolt-upright in bed, scaring the two people at her side.

“Anna!” Nicole exclaimed, hugging the woman who was looking around confused.

“Nicole?” she said, finally hugging her back. “What happened?”

“You don’t remember?” Nicole replied.

Anna rubbed her head. “I remember… being in the parking lot… and then… John.”

“Yeah that psycho,” the man said, Albert.

“Albert?” Anna asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Keeping Nicole company while she keeps you company,” the man replied.

“That’s… sweet?”

“Thanks,” Albert nodded.

“So like, when can I go?” Anna asked.

“Uh… I think the doctor said… uh?” she turned to Albert.

“I think he said after he examined you after you woke up.”

“Well, where’s the doctor? I want to go.”

Albert stood up. “I can go find him. Don’t go away,” he smiled at Anna, who smiled back.

The man then left the room, leaving Nicole and Anna alone. The blonde-haired girl turned to her friend.

“You like him, don’t you.”

“What? I barely know him,” Anna said at once.

“Yeah but I feel something between you two.”

“Well there is nothing.”

“We’ll see.”

Suddenly Albert came back in with a man in a white coat behind him, who’s face brightened as soon as he saw that Anna was awake and alert.

“Ah, miss Brail. Glad to see that you’re finally awake. How do you feel?”

“I hurt pretty much everywhere,” Anna replied, holding her stomach.

The doctor chuckled. “Yes, that’s to be expected. You have bruising all over your body.”

“How long until I can go?”

“I’ll need to do an examination, and if you pass, then you can go.”

“Of course,” Anna nodded her head.

An hour later they were coming down the elevator and out the front door of the hospital. Nicole had brought a fresh dress from Anna’s apartment to change into once she was discharged from the hospital. They came into the parking lot and arrived at Nicole’s car. They got in, with Anna in the backseat and Albert and Nicole in the front.

“Hey thanks for saving me, Albert,” Anna said, leaning into the front seat.

“No problem, Anna,” he replied.

Neither one noticed Nicole smiling at this.

She had made it.


It had been a good three weeks of going from bus to bus to get to New Hampton, and even then she couldn’t be taken directly into the city, as it had been sealed off by the mysterious Ravenger.

She now stood in front of the entrance to one of the tunnels to the city, a pile of rocks protruding from the opening. Easily several hundred tons of stone filled the entire tunnel through the mountains, and would take months to clear out.

Jessica walked up to the boulders and placed her hand on one. She could feel all the different textures and layers within each boulder. The girl closed her eyes and concentrated.

Suddenly blue energy arched from her hand and covered the rocks, glowing brighter, and brighter before the light concealed both the girl and the tunnel entrance.

Then there was a massive blast of sound and a gust of wind before the energy disappeared and the girl fell to the ground, out of breath.

She then looked up from the ground at her handiwork. All the rubble throughout the entire tunnel had been vaporized.

Jessica smiled to herself. “Shouldn’t have given me powers, old man.”

Picking up her bag again, she walked off down the tunnel.

“So how are you feeling today, Ravenger?” Chief Dillon asked as he entered the room.

“If you value your life,” the defeated terrorist said. “You will release me.”

Dillon chuckled. “Yeah that won’t be happening.”

“And why not?”

“Do I need to go through the list again?”

Ravenger said nothing.

The Chief smiled. “Thought so.”

The terrorist sighed. “Why are you here?”

“Because I want you to tell me who you work for.”

“I’ve told; I don’t work for anyone.”

“We both know that’s a lie, Ravenger,” the Chief approached the containment cell. “Now talk.”

Suddenly an officer came in panting, obviously having ran here. Dillon turned at his arrival.

“What is it, officer?”

“A tunnel’s been cleared,” the officer gasped.

“Thanks for giving me a ride back to my apartment, you guys,” Anna said, stepping out of the car.

“No problem,” Nicole replied.

The three walked across the parking garage towards the door that led into the staircase. While they were crossing, Nicole’s phone buzzed and she pulled it out to look at it before stopping, like she was stuck in place. The other two stopped as well and looked at her.

“What’s wrong, Nicole?” Anna asked.

“We have to get to your apartment. Now,” Nicole said.

Together, the three of them rushed up the stairs until they were on Anna’s floor and ran to her apartment where she quickly unlocked her door and they ran in and Nicole flipped on her friend’s TV to a breaking news report.

“’‘Again, we are getting confirmed reports that one of the tunnels through the mountains that had been sealed off during the Ravenger invasion has been reopened by an unknown force. Reports say that not only are the rocks gone, but it seems that they had been turned to dust. A Super is suspected to have destroyed the rock.’’”

“Another Super in New Hampton?” Anna almost laughed. “This is getting ridiculous.”

“’‘More on the developing situation next.’’”

“We have to find whoever did that, like right now,” the woman turned to her two friends.

Nicole was about to respond when there was a raping on the door, causing the three to look at each other when Anna went to the door and looked through the peephole to see a black-haired girl standing there.

“It’s a… girl.”

She looked back at Nicole and Albert, who shrugged. Anna rolled her eyes and pulled open the door. The girl was dressed in all-black; a black dress, black leggings and a black hoodie. She was also carrying a large duffel bag and her blue eyes seemed to light up when she saw Anna standing there.

“I’ve been looking for you,” she said, smiling.

“Okay this needs to stop,” Claire Darrel groaned as she walked up next to her partner, Matthew Weaver.

“What needs to stop?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“All this stuff with Supers. One destroys the tunnels and another fixes them. Can’t they just leave this stuff alone?”

He chuckled. “You know if Anna left this stuff alone, the city would be a lot deeper trouble.”

“Yeah I know but this is getting ridiculous.”

“Yes it is.”

An officer came up to them.

“Sir, ma’am, you’re not going to believe this,” the officer said, before turning back towards the tunnel, Matthew and Claire following.

They walked into the mountain where the officer knelt down and picked up a hand-full of dust in his hand.

“Now watch this,” he said.

He then threw the dust up into the air when suddenly there were several sparks of blue following the dust as it fell.

“What the heck?” Claire explained, taking a step back.

“Must be residue from whatever Super did this,” the officer said, turning back to his two superiors.

“That seemed similar to what Ravenger’s able to do. Electricity-based, I mean,” Matthew said.

“My thoughts exactly, sir.”

Claire smiled at Matthew. “Maybe it’s time to call up Anna.”

“Maybe,” Matthew replied, pulling out his phone. “Good work, officer.”

The man nodded. “Thanks, sir.”

The two then turned and walked out of the tunnel as Matthew typed something into his phone. Claire bumped into him slightly.

“So how are you and Anna getting on?”

“What do you mean?” Matthew said, looking at his partner confused.

“I mean are you back together yet? Tell me tell me tell me.”

“No we’re not back together. I doubt we ever will.”

“Oh come on. You know you will eventually.”

Matthew shook his head. “Nah. I’m sure she’ll find another man who’s perfect for her.”

“Who are you?” Albert asked, stepping forward towards the girl.

“The name’s Jessica Sapphire,” the black-haired girl replied, setting down her duffel bag.

Nicole shook her head. “Wait, Sapphire? Jessica Sapphire? The girl that went missing two years ago from Alberta?”

“That’s me.”

“Where have you been all this time?” Nicole asked, obviously startled.

“Held captive,” she shrugged.

“You said you’ve been looking for me. Why?” Anna interrupted.

“Because you’re the only one who can help me.”

“With what?”

“This,” the girl held her hand out and blue energy swirled around in her palm.

The other three gasped and took a step back.

“You’re… a Super?” Anna asked.

“You tell me.”

“Wait, are you the one who cleared out the tunnel?” Albert questioned.


“Why’d you do that?” Nicole asked.

“Because I needed to find Anna Brail,” Jessica said, looking to Anna.

“How can I help you with your powers?”

“Because you defeated one of my captor’s creations.”

Anna gasped. “Ravenger?”

She nodded. “My captors like to experiment with powers. That’s how I got this,” light flickered in her hand again.

“Is that why you were kidnapped?” Nicole raised an eyebrow. “Because they wanted to experiment on you?”

“They must’ve somehow found some sort of enhanced DNA in my blood.”

“And they killed your family for that?” Albert asked.

Jessica looked down sadly. Anna put her hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”

Suddenly the girl hugged Anna.

“Thank you.”

“Sir, you’re not going to like this,” the man said as he entered the room.

He sighed. “Oh joy, another one.”

The man came over to the desk and placed a phone face-down on the glass desk and ring of light surrounded it before projecting an image of a girl with black hair dressed in a black dress and hoodie walking on the street with a large duffel bag on her shoulder.

“That’s her,” the man in the wheelchair said. “She’s in New Hampton.”

“What do you want us to do, sir?”

He stroked his chin. “Find her and bring her to me. But do not be seen doing so. No one can find out what we really do here.”

The man nodded before turning to leave when the other man called after him.

“And if you happen to find Anna Brail,” he smiled. “Don’t hesitate to take her as well.”

He smirked. “Yes sir.”


Fire had always been a part of his life.

His parents had died in a house fire when he was four years old. His father had saved him first and laid him out on the lawn before running back in to get his mother.

Neither of them came out.

Then he went to live with his grandparents, on his mother’s side, of course. Both his grandparent’s on his father’s side were dead.

He hated every minute of being with them. They usually kept him inside and hired a private tutor to school him. He never knew why.

Then when he was fourteen they decided to let him go to public school like any normal kid, and he instantly became friends with a few other kids, of course they were followers, seeing him as superior to him. They were essentially his bodyguards throughout high school and into college.

And then ‘‘she’’ came along. That brown and black haired girl he fell head over heels for. And she him. But as quickly as things had fallen into place, they shattered apart. Her religious views kept her from doing the things he wanted to do with her, and her to do for him. And they fought, where she revealed her true nature as a Super.

Then he realized he had to end her. The abomination that she was.

He then attempted to kill her while she slept. He and his associates tried to burn her and her apartment, make it look like an accident, but instead she bested them all with her abilities and threw John out of her window and broke his back in seven places.

When he got out of the hospital several weeks later, he was also expelled from Salem University and then arrested and was in prison for three years. Then he was released and he vowed that the next time he ran into that dark haired girl, he would end her.

Then he developed powers.

One day he got into a street fight with a few scums from a bar and was forced to fight them. However they quickly overwhelmed him and he thought that they were going to kill him when suddenly fire became to spew from his hands. With no control, he incinerated the four and left only their ashes that blew away in the wind.

After that fight it stopped before it happened again, and again, and again. How had he become a Super? He didn’t know. Maybe it was in his genetic code and just latent.

Suddenly he was shaken from his thoughts when the prison door opened and the Chief walked in followed by two guards and a man in a gray suit carrying a briefcase.

“Mister Arwin,” Dillon said. “As you are in the United States of America, you have the right to an attorney, and since you cannot afford an attorney, one is being appointed to you by the State of Washington.”

“Joy,” John replied sarcastically.

“Well, hello, mister Arwin,” the lawyer said, walking up to the four-inch thick glass that separated them. “I’m Marcus Jonson. I’ll be your lawyer for the upcoming court case.”

“Yeah I figured that much,” the man in the cell scoffed.

The man chuckled nervously. “Well, anyway we’ll need to discuss your stance in the case and how you can win.”

“That Brail girl deserved what she got,” he said. “Payback for nearly killing me four years ago.”

“She almost killed you?”

“Yeah, back in late 2013. Threw me out a window.”

“Well, that’s-.”

The Chief interrupted them. “You provoked her, didn’t you.”

John said nothing, causing the Chief to smile.

“Anyway, I’ll leave you two to it,” Dillon said, walking towards the door again. “Got to deal with the new Super in town.”

Watching the door swing close, Marcus pulled up a chair that was against the wall and sat down, opening his briefcase and sorting through it.

“What did he mean, ‘new Super’?” John asked, leaning forward.

The lawyer looked up. “What? Oh yes. Someone cleared out the tunnels into the city, probably a Super. Which reminds me, how did you get into the city?”

“How do you think I got this?” he smiled, pulling back a tuff of his hair to reveal a bloody cut.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone about that?”

“Didn’t want to.”

“So you went through the mountains? That’s suicide.”

“Yet here I am.”


Marcus collected himself again. “Anyway, we must prepare you for the trial.”

As the lawyer went through his documents, John quietly chuckled to himself before mumbling.

“Oh, there’s not going to be a trial.”

#Chapter 5: Eternal Flame
“So… these people, they experimented on you based on some latent gene in you and they unlocked it to give you powers?” Anna asked, pacing the room while the girl sat on her couch.

“Yep,” Jessica replied.

“And obviously they’re criminals,” she said, stopping across from her. “Because Human experimentation is illegal, especially because of us Supers.”

“Who even are they?” Nicole asked, sitting down next to the girl.

“I don’t know. It’s not like they put logos all over the building,” she replied. “But I do know one of the men who experimented on me. An old guy in a wheelchair.”

Albert almost laughed. “An old guy in a wheelchair? Better check the retirement homes. The hospitals. The streets. There’s hundreds of them in New Hampton alone. And where did you say you came from?”


“Even better. Another city entirely!”

“Albert,” Anna said sternly. “We’re trying to help her.”

“I know, I know,” Albert replied, standing up and walking over to her, looking down at her as he was several inches taller than her.

“But it’s going to be nearly impossible to find this guy, especially if they’re hiding out.”

“They’re ready for you, Professor,” the man said as he walked in the room.

The old man wheeled around to face him before nodding. “Yes. Thank you.”

The guard nodded before leaving, the old man following in his chair. The man stood aside as the one in the wheelchair rolled past towards the elevator, four more guards flanking him as he went. The doors to the lift opened and they all boarded. One of the guards pressed the button for floor thirty-six, just three floors below them.

Just a few weeks earlier this building has been taken over by Ravenger during his invasion, and from the roof he had planned to watch the city burn. But then that girl, Anna Brail, had chased him down and threw him off the building, and she ended his reign of terror right then and there.

The elevator came to a stop on the thirty-sixth floor and the five went out through a large area and turned off through a thick wooden door and into a conference room, where several people were sitting and waiting for him.

As soon as he entered the room they all stood up as he wheeled himself to his place at the head of the table.

“You can be seated,” he said to the collective. “This isn’t a courtroom.”

The group laughed before taking their seats. The man smiled before putting his arms on the table.

“As you all know, three weeks ago we were invaded and taken over by that lunatic Ravenger,” he began. “Luckily, and thankfully, that vigilante Anna Brail saved us, and the entire city. But, what happens when she retires? Or worse? Who will protect us when she’s gone?”

“The Police?” one man said.

“True true,” the man nodded. “But I’m thinking about more threats like Ravenger. While the Police did a good job, Anna Brail is the one who ultimately defeated him.”

“So what do you propose, Professor Williams?” a woman asked.

“I propose we make our own Supers.”

This was met with a collective gasp from the people in the room.

He smiled. “Yeah, I figured you’d say that.”

“But sir,” the woman spoke again. “Human experimentation is illegal.”

“Yes, of course it is. But it’s not really experimentation-.”

“What are you talking about? Of course it’s experimentation!” one man said, standing up.

“Now calm down-.”

“No! This is insane! You know what, mister Williams?” the man shot back. “I’ve been fed up with your questionable business practices for years now, but this is it. I’m done. Consider this my resignation.”

Suddenly he spat at the man in the wheelchair and storm out of the room past the guards, who had their hands on their gun holsters.

“What?” he almost laughed. “Are you going to shoot me?”

The guards just stared at him.

“That’s what I thought.”

And with that he stormed off and into one of the elevators and disappeared from sight, while all the others in the room stared after him. Looking to one of the guards, Williams nodded and the guard nodded back before leaving the room as well.

“Well,” he said, trying to get their attention back. “As I was saying, it’s not exactly experimentation because we’re going to prove the science in a lab before we use it on a person.”

“But that’s still experimentation,” another man said.

“I like to think of it as a moral gray-area.”

“If the authorities find out about this, and they will, they will have your head,” one of the women replied.

“Then we’ll make sure we stay in that gray-area,” the man smiled.

As he walked down the hall to his daughter’s apartment, he heard voices coming from the room. Coming up to the door, he heard them more clearly, four distinct voices. Maybe Matthew was there also. But he noticed that three of the voices were female while one was male.

Raising his eyebrow, he raised his hand to the door and knocked on it. Immediately the talking stopped before he heard footsteps coming over before the door swung open to reveal his daughter standing there.

“Dad,” she said.

“Anna,” he smiled.

“Who is that?” a voice called from within.

Mark raised an eyebrow again and looked in to see a black-haired girl sitting on the couch looking at him with Nicole and Albert behind her.

“Who’s she?” he asked, looking at the girl.

“That’s Jessica Sapphire,” Anna said. “She’s the one who opened the tunnel.”

Mark’s expression became one of surprise. “That was you?”

Anna looked up and down the hallway. “You’d best come inside, dad.”

“I’d better,” he agreed, before stepping inside, his daughter closing the door behind him.

“Hello again, mister Brail,” Albert waved to the man, who merely nodded back. Anna joined him and he leaned over.

“Is your dad okay?”

“I think he doesn’t like you yet,” she whispered back.

“Why not?” he asked.

She smiled. “Because he thinks you have a crush on me.”

He straightened back up as his face went red, and the girl let out a chuckle.


“What are you doing here?” Mark asked, sitting down next to Jessica.

“Looking for her,” she said, looking to Anna.

“Why are you looking for my daughter?”

“Because she’s the only one who can help me with this,” Jessica flexed her hand and blue energy crackled around it, causing the man to gasp.

“Another Super in this city?”

“Yep,” Nicole said.

“This is way more than just coincidence,” Mark stood up, walking around Anna’s living room. “First Ravenger, then that John scum, and then Jessica here.”

He stopped and looked at the four. “Something is happening here.”

Anna laughed. “Okay, let me get you a tinfoil hat, dad-.”

“No I’m serious,” he snapped. “Your mother was always worried more Supers would be turning up after you were born.”

“After I was born? Why? Why would she think that?”

He sighed. “Your mother never shared the complete history of her and your abilities, but she did tell me that they date back a least a thousand years.”

“A thousand years?” she created a ball of air in her hand. “This has been passed down for thousands of years?”

“Not within the same bloodline, but yes.”

Anna held her head. “That’s… insane.”

“What else did she say?” Nicole asked.

“She said that there were others, others like her who had control over an element.”

“What others?” Jessica inquired.

“Water. Earth,” he let out a sigh. “And Fire.”

Anna, Nicole and Albert let out a collective gasp.

“Oh my gosh,” the black and brown haired girl said. “John?”

He nodded. “Most likely.”

“So how come this is the first I’m hearing about this?”

“Because your mother wanted to wait until you were older to tell you-.”

“Well that worked out great,” she said sarcastically.

“Anna,” he said sternly. “This is serious. Something is coming. Something deadly.”

“Like what?” Nicole asked.

Mark shook his head. “I don’t know. Rose didn’t even know.”

“Alright,” Anna said. “Aside from making me paranoid, how does this actually help me?”

“You just need to be ready, my dear.”

Anna wasn’t answering his calls. That either meant she had lost her phone or something had happened. And usually with that woman, it was that something had happened.

He stopped his car in the garage and got out and walked, maybe a little too quickly, towards the elevator. Pressing the button as he walked in, he ascended upwards, unsure of what he was going to find when he arrived.

Stopping on her floor, he almost jogged out of the elevator and down the hallway to Anna’s door. As soon as he reached it, he pounded on it.

“Anna? Are you okay? Anna?” he called, nearly yelling.

Suddenly the door opened, Anna startled by his pounding and shouting.

“What the heck is wrong with you?” she said, pulling him inside and shutting the door.

“You weren’t answering your phone, and I thought something had happened to you.”

She smiled. “Come on, Matthew. You know me better than that.”

Returning the grin, he looked around at the other people in her apartment, taking note that the individuals included Nicole, Mark, Albert and a black-haired girl who stood up at his arrival.

“Hey Matthew,” Nicole waved shyly.

“Hey sis,” he smiled before turning to the girl who had her fists clenched.

“Who are you?” she demanded, her blue eyes boring into his.

“I’m Matthew Weaver. I’m with the New Hampton Police,” he pulled out his wallet and handed it to her, showing her his badge and identification.

“Alright,” she handed it back to him. “You don’t know who you can trust these days.”

He put his wallet back in his pocket. “Now, who are you?”

“I’m Jessica Sapphire,” she said. “I’m the one who opened the tunnel.”

“Jessica Sapphire? The girl who was abducted two years ago? How did you get powers?” astonishment filled his voice.

“They experimented on me… unlocking some latent gene or something,” she was obviously uncomfortable talking about this.

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to,” Anna comforted her.

She suddenly hugged her again, surprising them all. Anna saw Matthew’s expression and smiled awkwardly.

“Yeah she does this a lot.”

“So,” Albert said, breaking the awkward moment. “What do we do now?”

“Well I’m sure the acting Mayor’s going to want to meet miss Sapphire here,” Matthew replied.

“Why?” the girl’s expression suddenly turned scared.

“Because you cleared out that tunnel. You’ve opened the city back up to the outside world.”

“It’ll be fine,” Nicole assured her.

“If you say so…” Jessica said, still unsure.

He had always thought that Professor Williams was an amoral man, but kept quiet, mainly because the job he had was a well-paying one, but this, this was insane. Human experimentation was outlawed with the adoption of the Supers Act nearly a decade ago.

The man pulled out his car keys as he approached the silver vehicle in the nearly-abandoned part of the parking garage and clicked the button, the lights flashing as his door unlocked. He pressed it again and all the doors of the car unlocked and he opened the driver’s side backdoor and threw his briefcase in and slammed the door closed.

Cursing under his breath, he pulled open his door and ducked into the driver’s seat before pulling the door closed again. Fastening his seat belt and shoving the key into the ignition, the engine roared into life. Throwing it into reverse, the car backed out of its spot and he began to drive out of the parking garage.

He assumed his profile had been terminated, but it would be fine. He didn’t have a family to support, so only he would suffer, and he wouldn’t suffer for long, because he was sure he would get a new job soon.

“Williams will see-,” the man said before he was cut off by a new voice.

“He will see what, mister Anderson?”

The man jerked his head around to see a buff figure clad in all black with a shaved head and stubble, a gun in his hand pointed which at Anderson’s head.

“How the heck did you-.”

“Eyes on the road. You don’t want to get us both killed,” the man said, gesturing to the road with his firearm.

Reluctantly, Anderson turned back to the wheel, sweat beginning to form on his brow.

“How did you get in my car?”

The man chuckled. “This isn’t my first rodeo, mister Anderson.”

“What do you want?” he turned down another street.

“Well, you’re a threat, and it’s my job to eliminate those.”

“How am I threat?”

“Well, you did just speak out against the Professor, and we can’t have you doing that now, can we?”

The man almost chuckled. “And you’re afraid I’ll ruin him that way? By speaking?”

“No,” the other man said. “By digging deeper.”

Anderson laughed. “At least I was right about him being a corrupt old man. Just wait until the truth gets out.”

“Oh, but the truth won’t be getting out until it’s too late.”

“Until what’s too late?”

“The end of the beginning.”

And then the gun went off.

There was no margin for error.

No place for weakness.

Corruption was a cancer, and what did you do with cancer if you could? Cut it out and throw it away. Not let it fester and bring everyone down.

That’s why Anderson had to be removed from the equation. He was too much of a threat to his cause. They could not let him find out more about what FuturTech was really doing.

The meeting had started on an uneasy note and ended on a slightly stronger one. Of course they were still unsure of his new desires, who wouldn’t? Despite him convincing him he was not up to evil intentions, it most likely lingered at the back of everyone’s minds.

As the door closed behind him, the Professor rolled over to his desk. Activating his computer, he closed the blinds in the room, submerging himself in darkness.

Now that he was secure, he entered a password into his computer before a wall of files appeared on the screen. Scrolling until he found one marked ‘Supers’, he clicked it where it brought him to another list of files.

The names on the files included, but were not limited to: Anna Brail, Jessica Sapphire, Ravenger, the ‘Master of Water’, John Arwin and ‘‘‘Project Omega’’’.

Scrolling past the ‘Master of Water’, the Professor clicked on John Arwin’s file. As he clicked on it, several files and pictured popped up, showing a man in his early twenties dressed in a red coat and jeans with shaggy black hair. The most peculiar part about him, however, were his orange eyes.

“So, Mister Arwin,” the man said to himself. “You can control fire.”

He pressed ‘‘escape’’ and scrolled over to the file marked ‘‘Project Omega’’.

“You’ll be a fine addition to the Project.”

Time was not on his side.

His lawyer was due any minute, and the plastic wall that separated him from them wasn’t soft enough for him to punch through. They hadn’t used metal bars because he could easily melt or reach through those, and they hadn’t used glass because he would’ve shattered it very quickly, so plastic seemed the most logical choice.

But if there was one lesson he learned from gaining these powers: it was that everything burns.

The clock continued to tick on towards three, meaning he didn’t have much more time before he got busted. Just a little more…

Suddenly he heard someone coming towards the room and quickly removed his hand from the plastic as it began to cool down, the orange fading away. Moments later the door opened and Marcus Johnson walked through the door. John just stood there, staring.

“Mister Arwin,” he smiled. “How are you today.”

The man’s fist clenched, slowing turning orange. His eyes did not waver, however.

“Are you okay?” the lawyer got closer.

Suddenly John thrust his hand forward and ball of fire shot out and struck the plastic. As soon as the flaming projectile made contact with the already-fragile material, it shattered into a million pieces and flew outwards at the lawyer.

In an instant shards struck his chest, arms, legs and throat. He grabbed his neck as blood poured out. John wasted no time and ran forward, his hands on fire. He grabbed the lawyer by the throat, both a good and very painful thing, as the flames cauterized the slash but was also burning his skin.

“A word of advice, mister Johnson,” the man said, holding him against the wall as his neck smoked.

“Don’t represent the psychotic ones.”

He squeezed harder before the man’s body fell to the ground followed by another round object, which rolled to a stop beside the corpse.

Turning towards the door, he estimated that there were several guards outside, and he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to take them all on, but it wasn’t like he had anything to lose.

Suddenly the door opened and three guards came in and pointed their guns at him, taking in the sight.

“On your knees!” the lead officer barked. “Now!”

“How about no?”

Suddenly the man swung around with his leg as a trail of fire followed, spinning outwards at the guards. They all ducked down to dodge the flaming streak heading towards them, granting enough time for John to run forward and strike the first one in the face with his hand, followed by kicking another in the chest and grabbing one of their batons and striking the last in the head.

No time to lose, he ran out of the room and into the hallway where several officers were coming down the corridor to meet him.

“This’ll be fun,” the man smiled to himself before running forward, fire trailing behind him.

Chapter 6: From Shadows, is on the Anna Wiki!