Announcement: New Staff Members (Mod Squad 2.0)

It’s against the rules to post only memes. If you’ve got something to say, you say it, and then finish the post with an appropriate meme, that’s fine. It’s when a post contains nothing but a meme is it against the rules.


Nah they haven’t/s

In all seriousness you new guys are great

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So beautiful :blush:

Its that kind of pedantic attention to detail that separates mods from regular users.

Reminds me of my youth…


You, my friend, have opened up a can of technicality worms. I wish you luck

Technically, it’s a technicality that’s existed before my adminship started or the changing of the guard. Technically, other rules exist that cover the content of your post far before the meme rule is applied, such as the “Add to the discussion” rule.

If you think people haven’t tried to argue against that rule based on technicality…

Not calling anyone out specifically just… yeah, we never banned memes, we banned meme’s that didn’t add anything. And it’s at our discretion whether or not they add anything.


How does one become a mod?

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Don’t quote me on this, 'cause I’m probably wrong, but I’m pretty sure you have to be selected by the current mods/staff.


One key factor from what I’ve noticed is you have to be an adult.This qualification might only apply to the current wave however. It would automatically qualify people like me, but you probably also need a spotless record.

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Most mods have been around for a very long time (like almost all them are from 2014) either way, I’m pretty happy with our current mods

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So, what I’m getting so far…
Trustworthy, around for a while, a spotless or near such record, a mature person, past high school at least…
Only a few of those apply.
Guess it’ll be a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, that’s kinda just how it turned out. I believe some of the previous squad started off as high schoolers however

Pretty much, and also a good relationship with the current mods

Spiderus is the only current one from 2014. The rest of us are from either 2015 or 2016

Yeah, that’s pretty much it


Cool, thanks!

I’ve got my work cut out for me.
Give me a few millennia and I’ll hopefully get there.

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Good question.

This is true. I was 18 when I joined and was still in high-school :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, Cronk, LM, and Indi were under 18 when they joined as mods iirc.

So you don’t have to be an adult. Though while there aren’t any age restrictions per-say, I think anyone over 15 probably has a better chance (maybe over 16). Similar to how that was TTV’s minimum age for new cast members back when they still had casting calls.

I had a spotless record, in that I had no record at all.

The way I became a mod was through TTV’s casting call back in June 2014. I had impressed them in my interview and was asked to become a mod later that year. Even though I didn’t have an account on the mb at that point.

I wouldn’t rely on waiting for the next casting call tho (if there even is one) :stuck_out_tongue:

Early on I know a few of the previous mods had ‘played as mods’ before they became mods. ‘Playing Mod’ is against the rules since people doing it don’t have any kind of authority- and I don’t encourage anyone to do so.

The point is you don’t necessarily need a spotless record- however if you continue to break rules without trying to stop, (i.e. by not reading the rules and adhering to mod messages) then your chances at modship are slim to none.

As Bio said, that’s pretty much it.

I think trust is the most important thing to establish between TTV and the current roster of mods. Flagging posts and having a large amount of them be approved also helps considerably. Since that’s the closest thing to what moderating is like. Though I’d say trust supersedes it.

– Waj


I mean, that’s still a long time

Ahh well, the posts I’d have flagged are already flagged


I think it’s alright with @Kini_Hawkeye, I trust him the most to close topics
I really like @Spiderus_Prime
I mean, I kinda get along with you @BioKnight
I agree with @prentice1215 a lot
I don’t think @ReeseEH and I have ever spoken
I quite like @Cocoa

The reason I @ed you all is because I wanted to see what you thought back


Well if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me

I assumed BioKnight was a mod for the longest time


Every time I see a reply in this top I think a brand new batch of mods were elected

Then I realize it’s just ancient necroposting.

The thing about memes not being 100% banned was interesting though


What would your describe playing mod as doing?

The “Don’t Do the Moderator’s Job” section of the behaviour rules describes it better than I could.

Yeah, I was surprised that this topic became active again.


Why is that?


I’m not sure. You clearly weren’t actually a mod, but it always felt like you were supposed to be. Shortly before you became one I was going to ask staff if some people were like ‘undercover mods’, which yes, doesn’t make a lick of sense.