Anonymous Mafia: Dawn sign up topic

Well, I’ve had premission to do this, but never did, so here it is!


There are many whose homes have been destroyed by the mafia, even when they rooted them out. With nowhere to live, they went to a refugee camp, with little to no belongings. However, even there they weren’t safe. Mafia had infiltrated even the refugees, wanting to leave no witnesses at all. Who can you trust, when you can’t tell the difference between mafia and citizen?

How it’ll be played:

It’ll be like normal Mafia, but with a twist. Roles will not be revealed upon death. Now, before many of you complain that it’s broken in favor of the mafia, there will be some measures taken to make it more fair. There will be a new role, that will be vital to helping you find out who is who.


  • Mafia: 5-6, depending on how many sign up. Can kill other Mafia, if they feel it necessary

  • 1 Detective: can inspect a living person, to determine their role

  • 1 Defender: chooses someone to protect from death that night cannot defend themselves

  • 2 Coroners: New role!!! Hype!!! Will be PM the role of the dead person whenever someone dies


The game will probably start when I have at least 30 players, 36 players at most, or in a week, whichever comes sooner.


Since the last game died, I still have a mafia high in my system. I’m in.


I think I’ll try this out.
We’ll see if I’ll even keep up.

Yo sign me up.

Cool, sign me up please.

I’m in.

I need to actually finish a game so count me in.


I’ll join
also you made a mistake


Oops. Umm, I’ll go fix that…

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sure, I need some good ol’ mafia after the last game kinda bombed out.

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Yeah, sure, why not.

Sign me up, Jimbo.

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Yeah, I’m joining.

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I’m in. Let’s hope this goes better than the most recent mafia game.

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That wasn’t my fault at all! heh heh yes it was

I won’t get banned this time, promise.

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So the game won’t start until we have 30 players. I’d be surprised if we get 20.

@Sonus When we get 30 or in a week. Which would be next tuesday.

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Alright. It will certainly be interesting if there are that many players.

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Please, please sign me up.

@Omega_Tahu, I can invite people from my past game if you want.

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Sign me up!

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OOH I love Mafia! Sign me up.