Another Gali Re-vamp

Picked up the latest Gali last night, and just couldn't deal with the assymetrical layout of her color scheme. Ick.

Had to rework it. I only wish I could have stayed with the azure blue for the whole build. But they don't make azure armor pieces in the size I needed. So we'll just have to live with this.

Dem harpoons tho. . .

Edit: based on feedback I tried some fists instead of the fingered hands. Looks pretty good, so I'm going with that. Also reworked the back armor and found some more azure pieces for the arms.


This revamp, I like it!


could I see that with the Uniter mask?


I don't like the look of the feet and hands, but this looks amazing


I like the other mask, because I'm not a fan of the two-tone look of the new masks. Especially the silver, slicked back hair look.


The Bohrok eyes sticking out of the legs look a bit strange, but the rest of the MOC looks great!

the hands look a bit big, and I don't much care for the shoulders, other than that, looks pretty great!

alright, thanks, I also think the master mask looks better

The hands seems oversized, but Gali looks ready for war.

@Mrblackpants, @BioKnight, @ToaSonus

You guys are right. I think she looks better with sculpted fists. Looks more proportional. Thanks for the feedback. Changed the pics, so take a look if youre curious how it looks.


Not a fan of the blue hands, but other than that, this is a cool revamp. :smile:

Now we are missing one thing a waffle eye

some gaps

$14.99 price tag

let it sit on a shelf with protectors

then build it only once

and you got you own fresh new Gali

also why knives tough

----------wise words of h1vem1nd

Eh, it's cool, but I'm not personally a fan of it.

The 2015 mask is okay, but I prefer the Uniter masks. I'm also not a fan of her foot fins, and the different blue shade of the hands.

I do like the limb and body builds though!

I really like this gr8 m8

I like it overall, but the lack of being able to unify and the two shades of blue is the only problems I really have. I also prefer the Uniter mask, but that's just personal preference.

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Awesome! I don't mind which mask! :smile:

You stole the GIF I was going to steal to put on this topic.
Really good revamp, I like the Cody armor use.

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Looks like she plans on sticking her harpoon in someone.

I think it might help if it had a more sleeker design, maybe a tad bit more thin.

Looks nice, and I have to say I think the Master mask does work a lot better here. The only thing I'm not really a fan of is the Vorox armor placement. From the front of the thighs it doesn't look all the great. Perhaps it would look better if you put it on the side or swapped it with the Cody armor pieces.