Another Lewa Re-vamp

Posted a Gali re-vamp their other day. Figured I’d follow up with a Lewa.

I actually really like 2016 Lewa. But one thing that I felt was missing, was that cool yellow color from the 2015 set. So I wanted to bring that into this build. But not just yellow shells though. I wanted it to be more of an accent color.

Also note that the uniter function is totally intact here, I just don’t like to leave open pegs exposed. So I put a piece of armor over them when in his normal form.

I’m also aware that his weapon is insanely oversized. But I’m a huge fan of the Dark Souls series on PS4, and the huge enormous weapons in that game are very influential on my MOC style.

Feedback welcome.


I like the back and overall build but tbh, the keetorange is not working for me, it doesn’t really look well with all that silver green and trans green IMO. Also the big sword thing doesn’t fi in with Lewa, him being the sleek fast one


Wow, this is really cool. the colors look pretty good. they don’t really flow, but it looks wild (like a jungle) so I like it.

Bit chunky for me. But I really like the set as it is, so that. also 2015 jungle mask sux 2016 mustard race


I like it except for the way the vorox armor is attached to the shoulders, i feel they should be attached more like how it was in the set. The way you hide the unity pegs is very nice.

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That’s good feedback thanks. I am just really into heavily armored, bulky looks. So I always feel the need to layer on the pieces whenever I can.

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It doesn’t really feel like Lewa. It’s a tad too bulkish.

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Hmmmm, but Lewa 2015 was one of the bulkier sets. I don’t know the history of the character before last year. But based on that, he was much more armored than Gali or Tahu. At least he felt that way to me, with those silver shoulder guard things.


A good MOC, but I’m not a fan of how the Bohrok eyes stick out.

The keetorange hands look a bit weird, but otherwise this is a very cool moc

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Thanks! It gives him sort of a gloved look. I’m into that sort of thing, I suppose.

I LOVE THOSE LEGS! :heart_eyes:
IDK why though…

The four finger cringe is real…

Good job, 12/10 would Lewa again

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Too clunky, not sleek enough

Wow, I like this one! Although there’s two things I have wrong with it.

One is the weapon, it looks really awesome, but it doesn’t seem fitting for a Toa who speeds around through the jungle and flies.

Second is the Master mask, again it looks fine, but I would like to see it with the Uniter mask.

But still, I seriously love the look of him!

@White_Rainbow Well, this is a revamp…

Also, nice MOC. Those legs are very, very well done. Keep it up. :wink:

A revamp that I don’t necessarily like.

Anyway again the build is fine, but I think no keetorange would be the best way to go, also, that huge sword is out of character as mentioned earlier.

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Thanks for the compliment and feedback! The master mask is only in a couple pics at the end. Most of them have the Uniter mask.

Oh, I see now!

Yea, he looks rad!

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