Another Pohatu Re-vamp

So here’s s Pohatu to go along with my Lewa and Gali. Of the 3 of them, this is my least favorite. I think the shield was a neat idea (it splits and stows on his back). But Pohatu’s color scheme in general just isn’t my favorite. What do you guys think?


Yeah, the chest piece doesn’t work here. Like you said, the color scheme could be better. Still looks pretty cool.


#wowjustwow You made Pohatu look awesome.

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Noice, I really like everything… Except the torso piece.


The colors on him are a bit jumbled, and I’m not a fan of the shield. I think it would be better if the silver went to certain areas on him such as his “boots” or one of his arms. I dunno, it doesn’t exactly feel like Pohatu.

I really like this MOC! It looks really nice and desert like, while still fitting with his character. The only thing I would change is the torso, since there is no other dark tan on him.

The torso color does not work at all with the moc as there is nothing to match it’s color. The sword looks good, but the shield looks a bit weird. Otherwise, this is an okay revamp

This is cool. I like it. Great job! :smile:

The build is super neat, but somehow his color scheme looks even worse now.

Aside from that amazing build


it just looks a bit well a bit messy :grimacing:

Yep, this fits him well!

The colors are fine except for the torso. Maybe use a tan torso piece if you can get one and the 2015 chest plate.

All in all though, really nice!

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The build is nice, but the colors, ugh. Ech.

This looks way better than the Pohatu we got from lego, nice. :+1: