Another spaceship and an updated moc

The two together.

Our brave pilots, joined by a bad T.A.R.S ripoff.

In a galaxy where the governments have gone corrupt, these two pilots are forced to travel together and explore other worlds and civilizations in the Lego universe to try and survive.

The first ship.

Lovingly dubbed the "Roosevelt" by the owner, the ship has aged across the Lego universe playing the role of a small cargo ship, made infamous because of it's own secret trade routes used to evade government cruisers. Passed down through generations it now serves as a simple home for the pilot on the run.

The thing is with the Roosevelt, it uses up fuel like a ship 3 times its size. This can come in handy however, as it can escape those cruisers and warp to safety without them coming close.

It may not look like much, but the Roosevelt has been said by past pilots to be the most reliable ship in the galaxy, despite using controls that don't meet up to date galactic safety standards.

When on the run, you'll need a little safe space. Too bad this pilot punishes the ship by making it carry his collection of prizes from all corners of the galaxy.

An experimental fighter from bygone days, the VN-104, or "widow-maker" has long been discontinued for traditionally poor performance. It's practically the Reliant Robin of space travel. This particular model doesn't follow the colour scheme the others have of being pure black, and it's modified to keep up with the Roosevelt's warp capabilities.

The two main thruster engines can get this thing anywhere within 3000 light years, and with efficient fuel use! When they're attached that is.

With a smallish wingspan, this ship is really meant for atmospheric travel, but space flight isn't really much of an issue for the experienced pilot.

A basic interior that would make even a TIE fighter's controls look like a luxury.


These look Fantastic! :smile:

Are you a Minilife Fan?



I had to google that, so no. Looks pretty cool though. :smile:

I probably made that robot when I was 5 or something.

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I LOVE the first one. Very creative design.


These both look fantastic, particularly the first one


wonderful ships


They both looks great


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these look like they could be actual lego sets IMO



Trust me I used way too many illegal techniques in these


Thanks for the kind words.

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These are cool, I like the one with yellow a little more for its unique looking shape

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AKA star wars.



Yeah, original I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Roosevelt has some great greebling, really like the birds eye view.


These are very nicely made!

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These look like the real deal

I really love the first spaceship

the overall look of it is very pleasing

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