Anriel Y.C. (Yakera Counterpart)


Ok, so the hole counterpart or “men’t to be better” than the current thing was based off of Metal sonic which I’m not in the hole sonic fan base if your thinking I am. The legs not the foot but the skeleton of the legs are not mine, unfortunately I cannot find the creator but what matters is I’m saying there not my design, but I’ve added some of my own things to them to fit the moc. Her weapons are just weapons. The shield was the hardest thing about this moc but I’m quite happy how it turned out. Honestly I can’t really saw much more about the concept and Ideas because I’m the kind of guy that just goes on, I don’t really look at things or get much inspiration off things sometimes.

OK, now to summarize her back story. Anriel was created by an unknown person but as her programming went was to destroy Yakera, in order to become better she was equipped with a shield, an arm blade, grenade launcher, and an assault riffle. After a fears battle between Anriel and Yakera, Anriel lost most of her data including information on her creator, she has then been a neutral robot still trying to become a better fighter than Yakera, and still tries to fight him at any chance she has.


Yea, it looks pretty good!

Colors are pretty cool, the blue visor is a nice contrast and makes it pop, and also that chrome dish on the weapon looks great! The build looks pretty sick, too!

My only complaint are the gears on her head. They don’t match up with her moderately smooth appearance.


+10 Points from me

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Looks really good but, it looks kinda cluttered

Weapon and head design are cool

I mean, this is a year old moc (not based on when I posted this) that has been scrapped but thanks I guess

Dang this is pretty sweet. Awesome Moc!!