Antara The ant queen

(Anta-ra) Antara was a human 5yr old girl called Tara who got bit by a diseased fire ant with a rare disease. she was taken to hospital but couldn't be cured, a week later she mutated in to a hybrid (an adult body and mind but a child inside). and now she want revenge upon the world of Mythron. and with her ANT army she poses a threat to Mythron.


So a adult with an adult mind with a child inside? You might want to reword this to having a child mind but understand some adult things.


I'd suggest reevaluating your grammar. Like the MoC though.

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she is still a child on the inside but shes a fully grown adult with a adult mind

That escalated quickly

Wait a second...

It's not real. It's all in her mind. The ant made her disillusional too


So Shazam + Spider-Man + Ant-Man + Whatever that last part's supposed to be.


MOC needs better distribution (or just none) of Mata Blue.

Torso could also use some cleaning up.


its meant to be like an ant heat

Kinda looks like an Anthropomorphic ant.

Sounds like a contradiction to me.

your almost there the only human phisio that is left is well structure and half her human face

This looks and sounds like something Shadowgear6335 would come up with. That said, I don't like it. Subjectively the story just doesn't sound great to me. I really don't like the loosely connected greebles she has. Can't really see any identifiable features in the face. really not a fan of the CCBS hand in the chest. The the colour scheme is loud and clashing, you have 3 different shades of blue on there, and the MOC is full of open pins, open axles, gaps, illegal connections. This feels like a WIP rather than a finished MOC, both in the backstory and the build.


This MOC just looks odd and lanky. It doesn't really have any defining characteristics and looks messy.


Not very bug. Colours are nice, tho.

well its not easy to add the hairs that ants have nor is it to get two bug eyes on one side of her face