Antara the antqueen (Updated)

so I changed a little bit to Antara and I hope its to peoples liking (To note the tips of her legs have been bulked out since this posting)


This is one scary beast. Awesomeley done! Nice use of the beast pieces from IFB


I took advice about the blue so I got rid of the blue added a ant body and abdomen (double abdomen) and added more black and silver/grey

I must say this is quite the unique MOC here.

I liked it better with the blue.

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Interesting concept, and the styling is pretty cool as well.

I like the leg portion but the torso doesn’t look too good. Also overlapping Nuvaboobs almost never look good.

I always thought that CCBS worked great for spiders. My only gripe is that the wings look to small to be of any use to her. But good MOC overall.

I think the face could be more defined. other than that it looks pretty good.

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The MOC looks very well built!

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Very well built, the scythe might need a little work though

I think that the face could be more defined and I never like NuvaBoobs. But other then those two hings I find this MOC to be Groovy.

That’s a really weird head.

It’s not NuvaBoobs its Uniboob! Uniboob! Blasts of at the speed of light! Approaching the sound barrier it breaks earth’s atmosphere. The earth starts to burn up, then… BOOM!

Uniboob! Coming to theaters this friday.

I have no idea…


Umm how am I supposes to respond to that?


I got to admit this looks nice.
Though the wings look awkward.

Nice use of jumpers.