Anthers Legacy(Non-cannon) history: demons

Demons in Anthers legacy are something different from normal demons in many other stories. The demons of Anthers legacy are not spirits(the Tesovarian are kind of an exeption) or undead like in many other stories from other fandoms or things like that, but are actual living beings, biological and(Some) can reproduce normally. So far there are five note worthy clans, but only 4 are the “noble” clans: Zokivah, Vitcouni, Damaxxi, and Kuda. I will not be going into extra detail about each clan in this post. But what am i doing? i need to go from the beginning!
Demons, like humans, where formed naked once the evil blood of Raven(one of two creators of the anthers legacy universe, the evil brother)fell to the grounds of the dimension of Kaladox(the home of all demons). Unlike humans however, they all began to fight, literally fight each other, in an event now known as " the first war". there was no alliances, present day vitcouni fought present day vitcouni, or others. The fights where deemed very violent, there was only one thing that was in the air: Primal hate. However to stop this, the great “gods” (who where actually false constructs of darkness) who called themselves the Capara(yes like from Dark souls, but i just like the name) came to the land. They tricked the demons into thinking they where gods among mortals.
There where a total of 4 capara, they grouped the demons into the present day clans. After that, things started becoming much like the hunter gatherer period of Real life, well more for zokivah. they start making clothes and armor. However, soon it gets bad, the Capara start to create and spread false lies and hateful propaganda around the clans, both minor and noble, making the sides groups hate each other. It got so bad, a new war had started known as the noble war. many small campaigns started throughout this war, fights that where bloody and even more violent now with the use of weapons. The fighting went on until the Capara “stopped” these wars. After that, things decided to settle alittle, the damaxxi, Vitcouni, and kuda all made a peace pact, all except the Zokivah, whos leader at the time, Voredax, Believes there is still a violent tension between them.
There is a strict code With the clans, one such rule is there is to be no intermingling or love between the clans, all clans treat each other as foes(the damaxxi kuda and vits do not fight as much now however). To the other clans, the zokivah where considered very aggressive. However things will change when the prince of Zokivah and princess of the Vitcouni learn about each other. Of course they fell in love! the problem is the parents didnt agree, zokivah king voredax and Vitcouni king Aegis. so long story short there is a big fight, the kids almost die, and bam, the kings learn their differences. Since the clans now had a peace pact, there was no battles for the Capara to relish in, this angered them greatly, soon it was becoming apparent to the clans that the capara where lying to them, yada yada yada lots of crime in the clans and hate leads to the truth being revealed, and the order of nobles(a group where the leaders of all four noble clans commune with each other) was created. A new war however starts, this war was much like a civil war. all four clans against the capara and their army. This was would be known as “The Reclamation war”.
Basically the four leaders kill the capara in this 7 month battle. so after that, vlint(voredaxes son) and Vetra (aegises daughter) married and had my character(my profile pic)

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