Anti-matter/Evil universe

There's Roseball and Risenbell.


no no, this is supposed to be OPPOSITE you


Not necessarily

for the sake of my joke i will primarily ignore your response, but please know that i do indeed understand and agree with your point


An "evil" or "dark" version of me would probably be insane. like to think of it as Joker-ish, but also not quite human. Like a heartless or nobody.

An anti-me who was different in every way would:
-Be female
-Have 20/20 vision
-Be really open and extroverted
-Be really friendly
-Have a positive outlook all the time, even when things are really bad
-Hate nerds and nerdy things
-Be a popular or preppy girl
-Be insanely dumb
-Not actually care about anyone or anything
-Never think about or accept the consequences of her actions
-Have lotsa cash

I know several of these girls, btw, and I hate the guts out of all of them.
The human race
Was not meant
For this trash

I've always liked the idea of meeting an alternate me, like, that'd be really really cool, unless they wanted to kill me in which case I'd be in a bit of trouble.


Anti me would be a motivated, confident, honest, and empathetic individual.

Naryn Girtab would be a very odd individual, One who'd know when to talk, could read people very easy, and would care little for material possessions and things like toys and games.


I know your joking, but could ya cut it out? Sometimes I get a response of being offended, and then realize it's a joke. I know you like to joke around, but I would like some respect at times. It seems the only thing I get nowadays is jokes instead of compliments. frowning

Especially since I've been going through a state or depression as of late

Anti-Chronicler likes cats. That's cool. Complement given.

soo opposite myself;


-is good at math
-is never worried about anything
-talks alot
-hits on girls all the time
-loves sports
-loves frozen
-makes very long comments/replies
-loves school

... let's talk about how the anti-TTV crew would be like?

Anti-LJ would have friends.



yes, Eljay would be a very likable and good person in the anti-universe.

as for everyone else, I don't knoww

Dark Mirror me (as opposed to the anti-Leo) would likely be the kinda guy that craves power for the sake of it, always trying to manipulate people.


I'm not sure what my opposite self would be like, but they'd probably be a lot more competent and focused.


I'd be Swedish.

Why not Scottish?

Scotsmen have guts and kilts and bagpipes are too fancy.

Anti-@Kahi would be over-rated.
Anti-@Chronicler would be a tyrant that nobody likes.
Anti-@Ghost8o would be funny.
Anti-@Political_Slime would be an over-all not cool guy.
Anti-@KyoryuYellow1138 would be mature.
Anti-@ColdGoldLazarus would get stuff done quickly.
Anti-@Chro would be a half-wit.
Anti-@Ekorak would have a manly, bulky, self-MOC.


This made me cry



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