Antidermis Pit

So the object of this game is really simple

There’s an Antidermis pit
You throw two things in, and the next person guesses what comes out and adds two more.

P1: I throw in Nektann and Daredevil 2003 Starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner

P2: Out comes the ultimate life form.
I throw in Eljay’s gluten phobia and The Empire Strikes Back

Clark: Out comes Var?
I throw in some Bionicles and a smoothie

P1: Nobody asked you to come here Clark

P2: Nobody asked you to come here Clark

Clark: :sob:

Heckin get to it already, I don’t have all- oh wait I’m supposed to start okay um

I throw in broken lime joints and outdated butter

EDIT: I regret making this topic


An incredibly stale Ehlek.

A kitchen stove and umbrella.

A kitchen stove made out of umbrellas.
I throw myself and a sofa.

Out comes a very terrible horror movie parody

I throw a plastic spoon and the ending sequence to Toy Story 3

You get Toy Story 4

You thow in an optimus prime and Nick Cage

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You get Bayverse Prime.

I throw the US and Canada.

You get North America

I thow in Batman and Superman

You get justice league

I throw in Teridax(GSR form) and a bunny.

You get an evil bunny

I throw a Makuta and a Barraki

You get Maxilos.

I throw in a needlessly complex trading card game and a bottle of dish detergent.

You get a wet, but beautiful-smelling card game.

I throw @PakariNation99 and @Tarkur

You get a swedish mask of strength

Ok but what if you threw in a bottle of shampoo AND a bottle of conditioner


The following explosion rings out for miles and gets put on the decade volcanoes list.

Throw in a mime and a ham sandwich.

A sandwich that doesn’t make a sound when eaten.

I throw in a board game and a role playing game.

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You get the most complicated game imaginable.
Minecraft and Roblox.

You get 12 year old noobs

I throw in a half eaten chochlate chip cookie, a jar of cheetos and a cheetah.

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You get a comestible and sweet kitten.
Marvel and DC.

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You get cursed Batman

I throw in Fortnite and Tahu

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A bunch of 12 year-olds beat you up.

I throw in Mutagen and Kryptonite!

You get green slime with some crystals in it.
I throw in some old candy and a T-Rex bone.