Antidermis Pit

You get mnog lets plays with people screaming at each other.

I throw in Faber and LEGO

You created Bionicle.

I throw in Phweffie, prpl, Dead Matoro, and Haylay.

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You get Undefined, because there are no girls in the Bionicle fandom. /s

I throw in Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man and herbal tea.

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you get a strange scent

I throw in Oscar Isaac and Tom Holland

Out comes a flying space spider. Yikes.

I throw in movie spoilers and bad pop music.

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Out comes movie spoilers and pop music in general

You get the death of a bachelor surprise

Ima throw in my misprinted record and it’s receipt hoping I’ll get my money back

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You get talking money

I throw a rat and a pirate

You get a Pi-rat.
I throw in plastic and robots.

You just got Model and Transforming robots from toy companies.

I throwed a duck and the main character in A Christmas Carol!

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Scrooge Mcduck

I throw in math and letters

Oh. Oh no. It’s, it’s… CALCULUS.

I throw in a water bottle and a pencil.

You get a leaky water bottle and a broken pencil.

I throw in @Ghid and a dead duck

You get a dead @Ghid Mcduck

I throw @Meepinater and @Toa_Radrix

don’t you need 3 people to make a Kaita?

eh… I’ll throw in @Ghid to merge with those two


I throw @Hawkflight , @Meepinater and @Toa_Radrix is it better if I throw you too?

Alright then.

Out comes Kamarua, Toa Kaita of Courage.

I throw in double posts and duplicate topics.

because I just now remembered this topic kind of already exists:


Wait heck

Uhh I had no knowledge that this existed um

One moment

I’m surprised; usually this thing gets caught within the day. This one lasted a few weeks. and for what it’s worth I think “Antidermis Pit” is a better name than “Combine Stuff”.

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Topic already exists