Anton and The Lost Lake

So I recently took some photos for a contest Stuck in Plastic was running, where you had to take the main figure from the Old Fishing Store and take photos of him in potentially real world locations.And if you didn’t own Anton you could also make up your own Anton. I figured it was a nice chance at a free $150 set, that I am already planning on purchasing.

So I decided to take my “Middle Ages” Anton to a local lake called Lost Lake, next to Quartz Lake. But instead of just having him fishing from the shoreline as I saw so many people do, I wanted to have him actually fishing on a boat, which was a rarity. So I did two different kinds of boats, one that actually floated from the Agents 1.0 lines Mobile Command Center, modified it to look like a row-boat.

The second boat was a alternate model of 31064 Island Adventures. Obviously this one didn’t naturally float, so I had to get creative. I ended up building a stand of sorts mostly out of technic to keep the boat at a certain level in the water, to give the illusion it was floating. Eventually I had to place a rock on the bottom of the stand as the boat capsized several times as I tried to get out of the bloody cold water.

Some other minor details is the custom rod I built for Anton, that actually has filament fishing line strung through it, and has a crane hook piece as the hook, though you can’t really see it in any of the photos.

Despite having freezing water past my ankles and trudging through the muck in socks, I had quite a bit of fun taking these shots, even as it started to rain. It was alot of work, but it was worth it in my opinion. And it only furthered my goal to one day be a professional photographer, which I intend on taking some college courses on once I am done moving.

And here are some behind the scenes photos, showing the stand the larger boat was using, along with the scale of Anton compared to the rest of the lake. It is worth noting I had to modify the stand on location as I overestimated the depth I was willing to take the boat out to.

Also a side note, how the heck do you add tags to topics? I’ve tried to add tags that aren’t already used, yet they never stick.


Unfortunately, you cant add new tags, you search tags and then pick from the old ones that show up.

Awesome photography, btw.

For a second I thought the boat was actually floating
Pictures are neat

You can make new tags actually

Go to where you would type a tag, type whatever you want, and then press enter


WHAAAT?!?? How?

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Then I accomplished the illusion I intended to.


(Ship does not float)


I don’t get your comment.

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It’s a reference to the note on the Destiny’s bounty set that the cast has joked about in the podcasts.


Oooh. That makes alot more sense now, and I can understand where your comment comes from.


I had no idea there was a stand until the second last picture.
Great photography.