Antroz the Deathly

Finally done.
I didn’t expect to get this far when I just had the arm. But I made it somehow.
Anyhow here’s the MOC itself:

The wings can fold up which is kinda neat.

Here’s the back.

And here’s some close-ups of the legs.

Close-up of the torso.

Torso side.

Finally the wing frame.

He also has a scythe that can transform into an axe

That’s it, bye.


this is very well done, although I would like to see the wings have a tattered appearance to create an even more ‘evil’ vibe. But man, the torso, limbs and wings are great!


Cheers mate


I love everything about this. Really excellent job.

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Man, if only the Antroz revamp for the Brotherhood Project wasn’t already done…

It seems like this MOC has some little limitations in articulation, but the look is just awesome. The wings, the shoulders - everything. And that noble Huna integrated into the torso!

And you just showed me a way to make proper wings - maybe gonna try that on one of my future Makuta revamps…

Do you mind if I take inspiration for my eventual Antroz revamp from this? Because I think this is the best Antroz MOC I’ve seen yet.


The body seems to be fragile, is it? It looks like the claws of the cheat could fall when holding him

Anyways it looks really cool


my God, it’s beautiful

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Yeah, mainly just with the upwards motion of the shoulders.

Thank you!

Go ahead!.

Actually it’s quite stable despite it’s looks, most of the connections are really solid.[quote=“Star-Lord, post:6, topic:37515”]
It looks like the claws of the cheat could fall when holding him

I don’t understand.

Haha thanks dude.


Just the fact that many pieces are attached by a rod, I’ve many bad experiences with rod connections

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Ah okay, sometimes they are. But most of these ones are in a locations where they will not likely fall apart when being grabbed or held.

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I really like it, but for some reason it doesn’t seem as evil or deadly as the original set (maybe because the tridax-or-whatever-it’s-called pod is missing?)
Still, great job, especially with the use of different masks to create shapes and textures!


Looks stunning! The shaping, colors, and especially those wings. You outdid yourself.

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This is very impressive. Those greebles look awesome, and the wings are fantastic. Awesome job. Also nice use of the Huna.

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Beautiful final product.

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Pretty great, the time you’ve spent on it shows. Although I do feel as if the neck is a bit too long, and I personally would like to see wider shoulders for some reason.


Shaping on the MOC is really good

and those wings are sick btw

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This is amazing… Lost for words.

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Amazing work! Everything flows together so well. I had to do a double-take when I noticed the black mask of invisibility half-hidden in his torso! If I am to give a critique though, the wings are lacking in detail. Maybe just adding some little claw parts at the end would help that.


Very well done. Everything flows together concisely, really making Antroz seem more orderly, but intimidating all the same.

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