I’m on a MOCing roll :grin:

So here is Anubisath! A guy I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time now, and finally finished him this morning.

Anubisath was born of the harsh, desert winds, and has since been roaming the sea of sand, looking for those who have wronged his land so he may pass judgement on their souls.

With him, he carries this giant Ankh-staff, which he uses as a weapon but also as a tool for channeling his wind powers.

Oops there goes Tahu

Only one being has ever escaped him, and he’s not too happy about that to say the least.

MOC Slideshow:

~So Anubisath is obviously based on Anubis from Egyptian mythology. For a while now I’ve wanted to make an Egyptian themed MOC but wasn’t sure what to go with because there’s just so much awesome stuff from the ancient Egyptian days. In the end I decided to go with Anubis considering he’s one of the better known beings of the time.

Fun to make, and actually my largest MOC to date ^u^


epic staff as well

Nice job.

0/10 Air characters have to be green.

Seriously though I love this guy.


I’ve got a soft spot for MOCS based on Egyptian. Mythology.

Well done!

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I like the use of blue it makes it look unique

what he said


420/360 Amazing work of art.

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Yo, that’s cool
######[cries due to own mediocrity]


I like this.
Maybe because I like Egyptian mythology.
Maybe because it reminds me of Nasus from League of Legends.
Maybe both.

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V-Ve-Venom! Get over here! This needs a spotlight!


you have not seen what happened to me when I said that

But I still love this Moc

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The legs could be better,but otherwise it’s a pretty cool MOC.

This is epic. i really like the whole figure and i can’t see anything wrong with him

I can say only three words:


Well… I’m downright impressed. The feel of this moc is just so unique. It’s very well put together.

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Woah… This is amazing!

That Ankh-staff is top tier.

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Not to sure about the legs, but I love everything else about this MOC.

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Really nice and well rounded MOC! Has a solid build and vibrant secondary colors to go along with the black. I enjoy that everything is filled out, and I like the diversity of the legs. This MOC, intentional or not, definitely carries the characteristics of Anubis, especially that wonderful head.

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