Any good sets for parts?

Does anyone know a specific set that's good for parts? Preferably under 20$.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the suggestions I'll be getting Furno XL.


What parts are you looking for? Pretty much every set has parts that could be of use.

Depends on which parts you're looking for.
Stormer vs Jaw Beast comes with 4 of that really short CCBS bone in trans blue


I meant longer bone pieces and lots of armor, I probably should have mentioned that.

Any specific color you want the armor in?

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I don't care too much, but red would be good.

I recommend Fire Lord.

Way too expensive online, I would prefer something still in stores.

Umm, then I'm not sure. But, you can search on, many MOCers use it.

Fire Lord doesn't actually have a lot of red on him anyway. Perhaps Furno XL? It's on sale at the Lego Shop for $10...

This is assuming you want CCBS parts. You didn't really specify what kind of parts you wanted... (System, CCBS, Bionicle, or otherwise...)

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I wanted ccbs. And furno xl is sold out, although I could get him at target for 20$

Well you know, Furno XL could probably be found in stores outside of the Lego Store....

Also if Furno XL doesn't work, then IDK what would. There aren't many CCBS sets that are current that use red that have good parts that are under $20. XD

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Well the problem is that most HF sets under 15 dollars and above lack a lot of armor. If you to buy something cheap my suggestion would be Jaw Beast because it has the most armor out of all the sets in the $10 range. For sets in the $20 price range it would probably be either Splitter Beast or Furno XL,.


The DC Batman Ultrabuild has some long bones, if that's what you want.

Yeah, there's like...hardly any red out there, since Furno's Jet Machine has little, and then Tunneler Beast is kinda small.

Splitter Beast and Flyer Beast both have quite a few bones though, so they may be worth looking into.



I can't think of any red sets with tons of armor.

Nope can't help.

Unless you can use bricklink.

Literally the only sets that are out right now and fit your criteria are Furno XL and Furno Jet Machine. What I would recommend is just picking up multiples of Tahu when he releases in a few months. stuck_out_tongue

If buying online is an option, I would recommend Witch Doctor as the ULTIMATE HF parts pack.



I can attest to this as my friend owned Witch Doctor.

Needless to say he has been very much scrapped :stuck_out_tongue:


The only hf sets I have came from a yard sale my parents went to. Witch Doctor and Rocka xl. I have made some cool concepts mocs for my contest entries with just them.


I have to agree with mesonak, Witch Doctor is awesome for parts.

But if you also want technic parts, get Jet Rocka