Any replacement theme for Nexo Knights?

Hey Greg, I don’t know exactly your role in the LEGO company, but do you know anything about what is going to replace Nexo Knights? Sure, we got LEGO Froma and Overwatch, but those arren’t Original LEGO theme. Is there any new theme even planned to replace Nexo Knights? Or is just that obscure LEGO Forma the new theme of 2019?

Greg has no influence on either these products, so I highly doubt Lego told him anything. Even so, he is forbidden to mention what to be expected before any pre-release teaser.


I’d put this into just regular Ask, cuz Greg is more the guy to ask about Ninjago or Bionicle.

Even then, mostly Bionicle.

I’m not allowed to discuss any future product plans. You have to wait for official announcements from LEGO Company for news like this.