Any TTV Hip Hop fans?

NF is the only standalone hip hop artist I rly enjoy. Soul Glo Activatur is cool but he’s the rapper for a crunkore band

@Hawkflight did you know he’s a Christian?

I did, actually.

Anyone here listened to Mike Shinoda’s Post Traumatic album?

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I did

It was alright, I was surprised I liked it as much as I did at the time. Definitely has some catchy choruses but I can’t say I care all that much for Mike as a rapper.

I wouldn’t call myfelf a hip hop fan but there’s a few fusion jazz hip hop ensembles I enjoy: Deluxe, Movits! and Ricky-Tick Big Band.

This is one of my favorites

Jam dem classics boi

I Love Eminem

His early stuff is pretty good, definitely fell off hard in my opinion. But the Slim Shady LP is such a fun album and has the majority of my favorites by him

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Imo revival is his best work and kamikaze was on the same level

This seems slightly biased

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Lol probably.

Anyone listen to whole lotta red by Playboi Carti? if so what are your overall impressions if you listened to the album
Im bored so imma gonna write a short review.
My thoughts on wlr is the album had an intreintg approach merging trap with punk. I think the album was too long and could have improved by removing some tracks and extending other song lengths. I enjoyed Cartis extermination with a raspy voice and coming even more aggressive than he did on Die Lit.

My three favorite songs have to be Stop Breathing, Teen X, and ILoveUIHateU.

Overall I think whole lotta red is good direction for Carti, I give it a 7/10 WLR is good but Die Lit is superior

Haven’t listened to the new album because I saw it wasn’t received so well. I kind of like Die Lit but I’d only give it around a 6/10, Poke It Out is pretty fun to listen to but overall trap isn’t my type of rap.

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Poke it out is a highlight of Die Lit, the bass on that song is so satisfying

Oh man, I love DOOM and Rakim.


All caps, respect.

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I got a couple of his masks in the mail yesterday. Might make a MOC and post it here this summer when I have access to my Lego again back home.

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