Anyone else bummed we never saw a free Rahkshi

an odd bit of lore I didn’t even discover until this year, way after g1 ended obviously, was apparently there can be wild or free, though still dangerous, rahkshi. i always thought they were just creations/thralls of the makuta. this seemed like a really cool idea with lots of creative potential but something that never got a chance to be showcased(as far as i know). anyone feel similarly about wishing we could have seen an independent, or possibly even good aligned, rahkshi in the series?


We did see them in the Archives.


Yeah, that would be cool although they would only ever amount to being an intelligent Rahi not quite the same as a person. I’ve been reading the metru adventure books recently and the book with Krakha has lots of ‘free’ rahkshi in it as she uses them as minions plus imitating them. However the rahkshi are created by Makuta-they’ve just been left behind or something.


And Makuta later used them as a distraction against Voporak in a maneuver that almost made them go extinct. So maybe they were not so wild after all.