Anyone Else Seen The Umbrella Academy

What do you all think about this show?
Toa Umbrella
To those who don’t know, The Umbrella Academy is about a group of adopted family superhumans who do… super stuff (I can’t explain without giving spoilers to its plot). To implant my own opinion, I think this show is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who is into superhero themed shows.

From left to right their powers are- Resonance, Space-Time Jumping, Influence/Rumor, Super Strength, Accuracy, and Necromancy. I know their powers don’t exactly align with these masks, but I chose the Matatu, Olmak, Komau, Pakari, Sanok, and Tryna to represent these powers as they are closest to how the characters use their abilities.


So which mask would suit Ben?

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Yeah, that’s an issue and is a reason as to why I used a photo of just the living members. It is kind of hard to find a mask for his tentacle monster abilities. Closest mask to this would probably be Miserix’s mask of mutation, but at that it can only mutate others. I remember reading a post on this forum about rahkshi mask of monsters for a G3 idea, which would fit it better, but that’s not part of the original canon.