Anyone have info about this lost LEGO set?

Hey all, something has been on my mind every so often but I can never seem to find it, and I’m wondering if anyone else remembers or knows what I’m talking about:
Around the early 2000’s I picked up a combo LEGO set at KBToys but I’ve never seen it reappear in any databases online. The box was green and split in 3-4 squares, nearly even. I recall it contained 1271 Jungle Surprise/5905 Hidden Treasure from Adventurers (Amazon wave) and LEGO Rock Raiders in a jewel case. It may have included 1094 Johnny Thunder, as I recall having that set around that time.

I’ll have to check at home if the Amazon set was 1271 or 5905, my instructions should tell which set number. I can’t recall if there was a fourth item, and I’m weary on relying on 1094 but the rest I strongly remember, but have never seen it in a LEGO database. Was it a KBToys exclusive? I doubt it, as I never heard of any other KBT exclusive. This would have been in the early 2000’s. Pics below of each item.

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