Anyone remember BrickBros UK?

A while back, I was following a YouTube channel called BrickBros UK. They were all about the MOCs-they’d take sets and rebuild them into alternate builds that were really creative. They were particularly fond of doing Star Wars battle packs and sets that were $30 or under. Not that they never did large sets, but it seemed like they did smaller ones more. Not that I blame them or anything.

You might know BrickBrosUK for being the creators of the TRON: Legacy Ideas project. And, of course, they did an alternative build for that set.

But then, about a year ago, they just stopped making videos all of a sudden. And as far as I know, they haven’t posted anything anywhere-YouTube or otherwise. So…what happened? Were there budget problems? Demonetization? All of the above?


Probably coppa. I imagine a lot of channels just quit becuase of all that B.

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I lost interest in them anyway.


Maybe, but they stopped uploading months before the whole COPPA thing.

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Loss of interest too. I used to watch a lot if lego stuff but now I watch next to nothing on lego. lego also isn’t in the glory days anymore so there’s that.


I used to watch them a lot but I also kinda lost interest in them after a while. All they were doing was just reviews of new sets and alternative builds, which didn’t really interest me a lot.
It’s sad that they stopped making videos though… When a channel with thousands of subscribers suddenly goes out of business is always sad.

I remember them. Are they inactive?

They’re probably sipping beers with playstippling


And it’s not just BrickBrosUK, either. Lots of YouTubers have called it quits because of the demonetization, or COPPA, or both. Heck, I even heard that Pewdiepie-THE Pewdiepie!-stopped making videos! But that might just be a rumor…

Uh, yes-that’s kind of the reason I made this topic.

[Googles “play stippling” and sees that they haven’t uploaded in years]

Yeah, could be.

oh…play stippling… I miss him


It is. Just looked it up. He still makes videos.

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