Apex The GSW Agent

Apex is the number one agent in the GSW. He is very smart, tactical, and trained in about 15 types of martial arts. Apex is also rivals with Guardna (my self moc). Finally he doesn’t care how many rebellious people he needs to fight and take back to the GSW.


Why are some of the images upside down? It looks way worse than the vertical.

This moc seems fairly well covered in most areas, using the crystal add-on for a visor is officiant, not too sure about the back view though-


Oh I forgot to add that Apex’s visor is supposed to shoot highly concentrated beams of energy when it’s charged

Those guns remind of some one… Any way great moc, the visor dose not looks terribly good from the side but overall the head design is original.


From the pictures that I can understand, there appears to be a custom torso to Apex, which is unfortunately the only thing I can really say stands out with this MOC.

The gear on the back of the lower legs doesn’t help anything much at all, it just makes the calves look awkward. The head only really looks unique directly from the front, any other angle isn’t very good.

For the most part, this is standard limbs slapped onto a slightly custom torso, which overall doesn’t really speak well for the MOC itself. The head is alright, but the rest of it needs a lot of work.

Focus on custom limbs as the starting point and it should begin to really improve.

why did you use a bootleg for the visor instead of the actual lego piece. It has more translucent green and less silver.

@Zero That is an armor piece from lewa uniter

@TheMOCingbird I got the gun designs from thatchmac’s chameleo

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Yeah, I knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The armour piece for the mask is pretty creative, I would try and even out the textures.