Apophysis Flame Dump #3: Summer is over :C

long time no talk.
sorry about that busy summer.
anyway here’s some stuff I created, as well as videos and images and stuff
all created using Apophysis 7X 15B, 15D, 16, and apophymator script.
may have posted some stuff before can’t exactly remember woops

here is the Gif for this one

: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/WealthyElderlyBluefish

animated gif for that one

: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/RespectfulEnragedAppaloosa

video for this will be here:


will post more video and gif links after classes so make sure to come back later for that i guess

heres and old video for compensation :blush:
PS: I had JUST figured out how to make the quality of the renders less taxing and can be rendered quickly, and i’ll upload a newer quality video after some more screwing around. thanks for reading my lackluster stuff man. now if you excuse me, there is a school I need to be late to. see ya later


Man i love these things. So cosmic… i think thats the right word


Same, it’s beautiful to look at

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As an artist who likes stuff like this…this is really cool. Especially clock. That is incredible.

Would you mind if I used some of it, with credit given, for a nonprofit project of mine?
But even if you don’t let me, kudos this is really good.

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sure, just make sure I get some credit as well.
if it’s something on the internet, could you link it to me once this project is finished? I want to know more about it!

I will give credit. It’s not much really, just for this freeform RP that I’ve been part of with some friends; The Next Chapter. If I use it I will link you.

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ayy thanks man. sounds fun!

I hope it continues to be. Thanks reaper :smile: