Aquaria, Aquatic Mistress of the Liquid Sea

Name; aquaria
Abilities; can control water, become water, and pull water out of anything with water in it no matter how small and use it (like air or blood)

I liked the new torso design for Kaosa so I rebuilt it for another moc. Unfortunately she uses the beam version with no waist posing (I'm saving the peice for the waist for Rhaea.)
I originally built her just as an experiment to see if I could make a large, "useless" Ben 10 peice look good on a non Ben 10 moc; I'd say it was a success and still is.

Colors; navy blue, tan blue (what's that color?), white, and silver with trans blue on her hips. I took out her pure blue and went with a natural blend water might actually look like.
Went with almost a feminine warlord look now as the strak pieces and a white bohrok shield are now a dress and she now has arm skirts (I have no idea the term for that armor.).
Straightened her breasts (v1 had a smaller bent technic piece. This has straight.
New knees so the look slim yet armored.
New hair (I'd love that piece in yellow fir her but that color doesn't exist.)

As you can Kaosa got new feet. Tell me what you think or if the metru was better.


This a lot better compared to the old version. the silver carries better than the original and the color scheme and build are great. I like the metru feet but I do not know what the originals looked like.

for Kaosa just replace her feet with silver metru feet. For aquaria I really just added the arm skirts so the ahvokiis just kinda smooth over her.

Looks alot better

Much better now, nice job.

Nicely done! Carries the silver across the MOC much better.

one word- awesome!

"sand blue", I believe.

Still have my doubts about using the same color for her skirt and her "hair", and the shins don't seem particularly solid. The arms look like some pretty nice arm-shields, but I don't know if they fit the rest of her. Also, this is my own personal interpretation, if you changed her breasts to silver pieces then she would look like she has metallic-silver armor added on to her "natural armor".

Yep looks a lot better! Good job!

I like it. It reminds me a lot of some of Kyler Nuva's MoCs.

Very nice. It's highly improved from the original.