Aquaria, mistress of the sea v4

Nothing visually different with her warlord design but I bulked it up a bit so she looks armored

Her fan (includes a connection so it can become a gundam ish saber.)



Still has the option to remove her wings. This also makes her “hair” more visible.


I’m never a fan of overlapping nuva shoulders for chests :/
The rest of the moc look okay but I suggest getting rid of 1 shade of blue, I think 3 is to many.
Also any moc that can incorporate Ben 10 pieces without looking terrible get’s my like

I think that this is a cool MOC. I like the variety of weaponry and how the wings make her look more intimadateing.

Nice to see a lightsaber rod getting some use, though it does look a little weird coming off the tip of the hand piece. I also really like the overall silhouette with the wings, as well as the hip skirt things. Really nice work overall.

I like the use of parts on the Faxon, I’ve been trying to find a way to use that top connection point for years.

The crest connection is actually non purist (though that makes it cleaner from the back.) . I found a sawed in half minifig light saber I used to connect that

Genericon; I used that point becuase it looked better posting it as a fan. There was too much hand showing using the standard connections.

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This looks good. The only thing I dont like is the irregularity of the textures.

I still think of this song whenever I see this MOC.

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Pretty solid! A bit busy, but it works, I guess.