My entry into the Lego Ideas Dino contest.

I didn’t upload this here originally because there were a couple of tiny little things I wanted to fix up, but in the end I kinda just got tired of taking photos and tweaking this thing (Inevitably I probably just wouldn’t get round to doing it anyway) so I just said screw it and uploaded it here.

So yeah here’s the final MOC I actually submitted.


I hope this gets 10.000 supporters! And gets passed the review stage! I would just love to see it as an actual set!

fantastic as always dude!

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This is too awesome to become a set

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Can you give me a link so I can support this project?

This thing looks awesome! I love it! Every part of the design is amazing and done perfectly.

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That head is amazing!

I think I saw this on reddit, it blows my mind the details and how good this is.

Thanks! You sure you saw it on reddit though? I only just posted it there under an hour ago and I can’t find it by searching the site or reverse image searching.

Oh sorry, it was instagram, social medias blend together for me, my bad :sweat_smile:.