Aquatic Mech WIP

This is a work in progress mech from a self-made project that I have decided to call Project Mechtauros (working title). While the full series of mocs will likely be put up in 2 years or so, I am currently looking for constructive criticism on this moc. Particularly on how I can give it a better gun and how I can improve the mech’s hangar. So without further adeu, the mark 4 aquatic mech.

Being a mech that primarily focuses on underwater missions, the mark 4 is equipped with fins and jet boosters on it’s limbs to aid in manuverability. The cockpit is pressurized and floodlight’s provide vision under the depths.

This particular model is old and rusty, a staple of most mechs in the world of Mechtauros. In addition, this mech’s assigned hangar looks worse for wear. A tangled mess of cranes and platforms barely held together despite copious repair jobs. (This is where I need the most help.)

This is the beginning (of what I hope will be a very successful project) and where I need the most help. I could really use some constructive criticism here. What did you like? What did you hate? Where can I improve and how?


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Very cool. I like all the details, seems very Star Wars in terms of greebling…

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