Aquax and Thornosis

Aquax is powerful Toa who Joined the order of Mata Nui. He was destroyed by the energy storms while trying to destroy a makuta who was making lots of Evil Rahi amalgamations, Thornosis.

Not much is known about Thornosis except for the fact that he is a four armed makuta with lots of speed and strength.

I have a video of Thornosis’ function, but I can’t upload it.


Decent color scheme, but the torso seems to be flipped and about 50% of it’s component is apart of Tarix.


Even though this is meant to be a messy character, it’s still inconstant.
The weapons are thrown in from 2008-2009 sets and rarely have a component to be a former Rahi.




Eh, my bad.

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Thornosis isn’t a rahi, he makes rahi

these… really look slapdash.

neither really have a cohesive color scheme, and just look beyond amateur.

i’d say try focusing on quality over quantity- stop and try and make one well-done moc, instead of 2 very mediocre mocs.

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They are very colored.

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