AR:02 - Dive Robo

Dive Robo
Code: AR-02
Purpose: Ocean Exploration

Bio: Also created during the Police Taskforce Initiative, Dive Robo was created to be an AR for the NOAA.

Made with the latest pressure-resistant metal, the Base Robo Unit is capable of going at much lower depths.

The AR-02 has three component units. The Base Unit is equipped with cameras on both sides of the head to document the ocean and the fauna/flora discovered. The Ocean Rover is an extension of the Base Unit and can go up to 30 miles ahead of the Unit. The small Submarine Unit can hold one person and can connect to the back of the Base Unit.

(Well, this was the second in the Automated Robo series. I tried to give this one more of a setting, adding some small terrain and a diver. Please leave suggestions in the comments :slight_smile:).