Ara Guardian Toa: Ferro

Ferro was a toa of magnetism (who wore the mask of levitation), until he stumbled upon the chamber where Ara dwelled. After a short conversation Ferro agreed to work for and serve Ara as his guardian. Because of this, Ara “improved” Ferro and made him stronger and faster and giving him new weapons.

Personality wise, Ferro was quick to respond and smart. He studied in some of spheres magna’s greatest libraries. Over time, he began to feel that the great beings deserve to rule spheres magna.


Build: sorta


Hope you like the moc.

And if anyone would like to make a regular toa version of him based off of my description, go ahead.


The limbs seems too short for the torso, which, by the way, is pretty weird. Other than that he is pretty simple. 7,5/10


I tried to make the torso as short as I could with the pieces I have with trying to keep this my fist moc with waist articulation. I also wanted to use
That design for legs, so they ended up looking to short. Even though he isnt human…

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That opening photo is really cool; unfortunately the MOC doesn’t quite hold up. As Vladin mentioned, the limbs are stubby in comparison to the stretched-out torso. Other than that, though, this is pretty good. You managed a fairly consistent color scheme, and I actually kinda like the head and weapons.

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Thanks, mabye if I revamp this character is or if I make a similar looking character, I’ll take everyone’s advice into consideration.

Solid 6/10, due to the odd-ball head design, extreme torso length that the limbs don’t reflect, and the unfortunate construction of the custom feet.

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