Ara M.E.S.S Commander Drone

He is now being used for parts.

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Hes to skinny and lanky the color scheme is nonsense as well


Read his name, he is a mess

I could call a mocs terrible and it being called that doesn’t make it not terrible

I wanted him to be messy, lengthy, and odd

Then explain the rest of your mocs. All of your posts appear to be a mess of parts lazily slapped together


Easy, lack of technic parts, small unique parts, same parts. And inexperience.

Alot of mocs look messy but are good.

I would name a few but look through the boards. There are quite a few.

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Well I could have used the same excuse but i practiced and bought parts

I don’t buy parts, only sets

Try LLD. Infinite parts. Take a hand at it.

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Honestly, he looks like a Hero Factory Villain prototype. If you ever revamp this, I would love to see what you do with it.

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