Araka Of Xia

Araka was a Vortixx member of the dark hunters until she found her Olmak, using it she travelled through dimensions taking jobs from any client willing to pay

During one of her missions as a dark hunter her arm was poisoned by a Lerahk, having no way of curing the poison and nothing that would be able to help within several Kios she decided to cut her own arm off, she replaced her arm with a hook when she got back as a reminder of her mistake

Her Olmak is attached to the hair like structures coming from the back of her head, the Olmak can be activated from here

Araka stole a large cannon like device from a more advanced universe
She named the weapon the canon cannon, it is powered by a strange element known as Gregium

Against a close ranged Enemy she has Protosteel Sword that she uses as a dagger due to her rather large size

The Olmak

Encounter with the Hunter

This is the largest humanoid Moc I've made and I think it might be the biggest moc I've made so far, she was really fun to build



This looks really great! The only problem I have is the shoulders need to be wider.


I like her too! Even the legs look great, although it's just doubled inika build... I like the feet construction alot. Good job!

Realy Nice. Its Interestig to Have Mask at and of hair and Have Railgun/Sniper-Rifle Attached to Back!

Those feet.

Would be realistically inconvenient.

They look like they have swords....


I don't know how I should feel about her, but over all, nice

That's pretty cool. Nicely done feminine design without going too overboard. The feet might be a bit overdone though.

this is really good, I don't really have any complaints other than the legs look pretty limited,

honestly, she kind of reminds me of bayonetta, might just be the weaponized heels..

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Oddly enough I originally wanted to do a bayonetta ish moc

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