Arannus (Past Self-Moc)

Good morning. Time to take a break from those garishly colored mocs, of yesterday and the day before. I present to you my first self-moc. It’s pretty much guaranteed that all of me mocs at this point need overhauls, so I won’t bother mentioning it anymore. Before we get too into the build, don’t forget to wish your dad a happy Father’s day!

His backstory needs some tweaking to be canon, but I’m fine with it for now until I redevelop him.
He was one of the Shadow Beings, the group of Av-Matoran that defected to Makuta’s side. They hid as shadow matoran to discover his secret plans. They were eventually all ordered to enter the energized protodermis pool in Makuta’s Lair, to form one being capable of protecting the evil one. The merged Av-matoran minds, and the form that emerged, however, were able to temporarily overwhelm Makuta. He fled, stealing some weaponry before going into hiding. Makuta then worked tirelessly to create his new guard.
During the split of Spherus Magna, he became comatose. Several years later, he found himself in the middle of nowhere. The only civilization was a Glatorian outcast village, where they hailed him, believing him to be the “chosen one” because of his armor. He honed his skills, and found his true talent to be masking himself in broad daylight. Lack of competition due to this skill led him to wander the desert, returning every now and then to protect the village from evils.

Enough backstory, and now for the overview.

Accidentally cut his head out here. No big deal, you’ll see it in detail later on. He uses a makuta phantoka chest, covered up by CCBS armor plates, Mata Nui ankle armor, and a keetorange bohrok head. Not the best color scheme, I know.

Here is the view of the inside of the chest. May hold something later, but for now it’s empty. The bohrok head is held there by corner pieces (or whatever they’re called) attached to his lower back, allowing it to open & close. Friction manages to keep it clicked in place.

Here is the system of how the armor is attached. I slide this thing up with the ankle armor unattached, then click it on, then fold up the bohrok head. This took several versions, but the results aren’t bad.

Side view of how the bohrok head is attached.

Basic custom upper arm. Definitely needs reworked.

I liked adding this as a bracer, since it was the only thing he grabbed weapon wise from Makuta’s lair. A better custom arm would allow it to flow much more effectively.

Back view of how the Rhakshi head/back is attached. I like it that it gives him arm blades, as a bracer and as armor. The only downside is that his arm needs to be this short when not custom for it to retain articulation. The yellow sword he has is meant to be something like a claw sai, but I’m sure he could use a shield or other weapon (not Mata Nui’s shield, obviously).

The visor is able to lift up, so he can see normally. In order for him to be able to see himself and others while cloaking, he has to wear this. In a future version he may be a titan, so his chest doesn’t look out of proportion, and so I can make his head visor more custom and protective.

Side view of the head. Nothing about the construction really hidden.

Anyway, that’s all of my old self-moc for now. I appreciate any constructive criticism. When I run out of mocs to post I will turn more of my time to commenting on other posts and working towards my next trust level. Speaking of mocs, my next one will be my last extra appendaged creation, unless I ever make more again. I hope to see everyone tomorrow, though my post may be delayed due to homework.
Have a great day!


There’s definitely some parts on this guy you can salvage! With some better armoring, the upper arms might be worth using on a revamp. In fact, I’d love to see this guy completely revamped. Not a whole lot of Keetorange MOCs out there!


Very cool. Don’t see Keetorange every day.