Are bionicle 2015 sets being marked down where you live?

In my area most bionicle sets sell for the same price (higher technically considering im from Canada) but I keep hearing people say that bionicles are being marked down and it’s really INFURIATING considering I have to pay a premium for these sets. So I want to see how many people’s stores marking down bionicle sets.


They are a year old and no longer in production.
They’re also marked down on title that very reason.


I live in Australia so the price of sets are like this. $15 for the beasts. $20 for Lewa, Gail, Potato. $25 Tahu, Onua, Umarak. And $35 for Kopaka and his beast. We have not got any of the summer wave, which is our winter wave. Any sets that remain from last year have only had $3 taken off them.

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I picked up another Scropio that was on sale today.

Scorpio was $10 at the only Lego store(not connected to a discovery center) in my state
It was also the only bionicle it had

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The $20 Masters are now $18, and the $15 are $11. Protectors are only down to $9. Eben the Skull Villians have only gone down to $13, and MMvsSG is $23.(it started out $25 at my store)


Yup. Not only that, the 2016 winter wave is being marked down too, with no summer wave appearing to replace them >_>

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Wow. I think I’m the only one here with bad luck. They weren’t for me. Wait… is that bad?

Oh, and nothing 2016 had been marked down.

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my local Lego store all the skull villains where shoved in a discount bucket at around $9 each alongside $4 protectors. But as @Hutere said they are all a year old

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Yes, ten bucks for Skull Basher.

too bad I don’t care about that set.

yeah in the uk the prices are dropping in tru

I live in Costa Rica. The Lego Stores around here keep 5 year-old sets on shelves! As far as Bionicle is concerned, you can still find 2015 sets. Here in Costa Rica all the prices are doubled, for example: If Tahu is $15 in the US, here it is like $32, or so!

@Mar wow and i thought i was unlucky

@Hutere Well in my area they sell for the same price as before. I had to pay the same amount they were at release (which is about 18 dollers here for medium sized sets) and this was in January.

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@RaptorTalon Omg i had to pay 18 dollers for that set

@Cyber-Hand Thats better than in canada where im from. Sets from last year arent even taken down.

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@PakariNation99 Wow thats absoultly crazy! Legit never thought a master set would sell for that low

Yea, they are where I am.

A Ross store had a $5 Lewa Master and a $10 Skull Basher.

And most Masters are about $10 now.

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The few skull villains left are.

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All of the Skull Villains and BF Rey are half off locally, and some of the other Star Wars BFs are getting marked down. Already bought an extra Rey for pieces. It’s unlikely we’ll ever get a figure with that much tan armor in it again so it’s time to stock up.

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I haven’t been able to find any Bionicle sets in the Wal-Marts around me.

Keep in mind, only the Wal-marts. I haven’t been in any other stores that stock Lego since the winter sets came out, so…

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none being marked down over here in england from what im seeing

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I found Narmoto at full price at a Walgreens. I bought him anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

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