Are [insertnumberhere] posts considered spam and need to be flagged?

up there, this is a legitiment question I am asking, because I have seen people say 300th, 100th, 1000th, etc on topics
I consider this spam, but I am not sure if it is


It is kinda off topic…

Yeah I’d say it’s spam.

It’s just like in Youtube comments, it’s annoying and a little depressing to see somebody say “1st” or “100th!” or “8,000,000,000th!”

So yeah, I’d consider it spam, except on topics such as the Illumakuta or the Last to Post Game where there is literally no other point but to screw around.

Also thank god that one’s gone right?


“that one’s”?

My phone… not as bad as @Kretta’s but still.

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It is unless there is something else on the post that contributes to the discussion.


That goes for any kind of spam

its still dumb to add them to a post no matter what

Well, you shouldn’t be flagging them for that.

I dont flag them
I asked
which is why this topic exists

I’d say it is, because it wastes space.

However, if you make a legitimate point about something, and make a note about it saying, “BTW, 100th post!” I’ll be okay about that.

e.g. “I liked Omega Tahu because his gear function and design looks pretty sweet. Can’t wait to get him! Oh, BTW, 100th post on this topic! :D”


okay thanks for clearing this up!

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