Are Lego Knockoffs Worth Buying?

Personally, I do not like when companies rip off from Lego, although, ironically, Lego took the idea of the interlocking brick from Kiddikraft. Either way, I do not collect Mega Construx/Blox or Kre-o or any of the other competitors, mainly because Lego’s quality far surpasses theirs. As a fan of Bionicle and Hero Factory, and the like, even Galidor, I’ve actually been intrigued by some of the new parts (such hands with articulated fingers), and recolors of pre-existing parts that knockoffs from China have to offer though. (Despite what I just said a moment ago)
As a fan of Bionicle, I really would like to get all of the sets/parts needed to build the Bionicle G2 Makuta combo model. I have at least one of every set from G2, but I’d rather keep all my sets together so I can have them displayed along with the Makuta model. Unfortunately, I did not purchase many duplicates of the sets back when they were in stores and online. Honestly, I should have grabbed them back when they were on sale, but, I didn’t foresee some of the G2 sets becoming sooooo expensive in the secondary market. Take for instance, Onua,Uniter of Earth is about $50 to $60, NIB, if not more, most places I look.
I mainly just need the Umaraks and another copy of Onua Uniter to have all the parts needed. Fortunately, I found duplicates of the other needed sets over time, all for good prices.
So, what would you suggest? A. Waiting it out, and trying to find them at a more reasonable price, B. Trying to get all the other parts on Bricklink, C. Buy knockoff versions of the sets from Ali Express?
To be honest, at this point, I’d almost rather get the knockoffs since it would likely be the cheapest option, even if that makes me sound a bit hypocritical.
But, I am definitely open to any other suggestions.

Well, after a little over a month, I was able to acquire all the sets needed to build the Makuta model! I’m so glad I waited and found the sets at better prices. Getting the knockoffs would have been a bad choice in hindsight. The Makuta figure is now proudly on display with the Masters, Uniters, Protectors and Creatures.
Thank you all for the help!
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Definitely not C. because every knock-off that you buy is like a little stone throwed at LEGO.


These products are no longer in production, I don’t see the harm with C.


I shudder at the thought of mixed Lego/Knockoffs, but it is more practical. Every knockoff you buy is like a little stone thrown at scalpers, and I would enjoy seeing a couple scalpers… nevermind

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Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: If you want some cooler pieces.


Lego does not appear to be intent on producing any more CCBS sets going forward. I would not treat buying constraction knockoffs as an ethical conundrum for the time being. If Lego was producing the sets you want for prices you could afford, there would be no market for bootlegs. But they aren’t.

As for your particular purposes, honestly I’d still buy second hand genuine parts/sets- take my time and deal hunt. Just for the actual plastic quality. Makuta just barely stands up as is, not sure I’d chance it with lower quality parts.

But hey, maybe it would be fine? If it doesn’t cost too much, perhaps you can try it out and report back.


I would be cautious. I know that for some products, the axles can be slimmer, which can affect the friction severely.


But LEGO is still making sets and the more knock-offs we buy->the more money will the knock-off companies have-> the more knock-offs will they produce-> the bigger chance there will be that the person who can’t tell the diffrence will buy the knock-off-> the less money will LEGO get.

However, we’re talking about a discontinued product, Lego has most likely gotten all the money it will ever get from these. Therefore, this instance is okay, and as for bootlegs confusing people. when’s the last time you saw a major retailer stocking knock offs? While with the internet helping inform consumers the chances of confusion are even more slim.

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Both of those points make sense, but this also makes sense,

Quality is definitely a factor. I had forgotten about the stability issue, so yeah, I may have to wait it out.
But, getting a knockoff of Umarak the Destroyer for only about $15, compared to $80 to $100+ for the set brand new is still quite tempting…

Anyway, Thanks everyone!

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No :gregf:

There are some good knockoffs, with cool pieces, recolors, etc. But some of them are just pure trash.


I collect knockoffs and sometimes use the unique parts in MOCS. I do however try to avoid the the direct copies of sets simply because they are usually exactly the same as the real sets, but made with lower quality plastic. I should also mention that the colors in the direct bootleg sets usually don’t fully match up with the official sets.

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One word:


But maybe if Lego notices people spending money on bootlegs of peices no longer available, then maybe it’ll encourage them to pump out more constracrion elements in their sets. Or maybe they’ll just sue.


I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing, then sure, go for it. There are plenty of unique knockoffs out there.

That being said, bootlegs are completely heretical.


Now that I think about it, you’ve got a point. The parts can be junk.

Yeah, I’ll probably pick up a fake set that has those custom hands.

I can see where you are coming from, for sure. Back when I was a youngster, I unknowingly got a knockoff Rocka XL set from China, since this listing said it was Lego branded. But, when it finally arrived, I was sad to see it was fake. The parts didn’t fit right, and the colors were a bit different from the actual Lego counterparts. [quote=“Sanokal, post:7, topic:43797”]
I know that for some products, the axles can be slimmer, which can affect the friction severely.

That’s the experience I had with the knockoff of Rocka XL. The bones were okay, the shells functioned fine, but the smaller parts such as pins and axles were junk.

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After some time, I have been able to get almost all of the sets I needed. It just took a little while. All I have left to get is Umarak the Hunter!
The hype is real now

Things have been set in motion that cannot be undone

Short answer: no

Long answer: no, just because it’s cheap, it does’t mean it’s good, robbing a bank is cheap and it gets money but it is illegal and a lot of knock offs are illegal[quote=“theBolderBoulder, post:1, topic:43797”]
Lego took the idea of the interlocking brick from Kiddikraft

People seem to skip an important part of that story

In Mexico, some stores sells a Knock offs called “Batalla Automata Robot”. This Knock offs are very crappy, because these are made with cheapest plasticand have a horrible paint aplications.

This toys are not the best option, beacuse they are very weak, specially in the sockets; if you move an arm or a leg of this knockoffs, probably you broke the articulation very easily

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