Are licenced themes taking over original LEGO themes?

  • Yes, they do
  • No, orifginal LEGO themes are still leading

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In the past few years, from what I saw, licenced themes are starting to take over original LEGO themes. The only original themes we have now are just Ninjago, Friends and Elves. That is pretty much all (I am not counting NO-STORY themes such as City or Techinc). It seems like LEGO is now trying to increse their popularity amoung adults with this all sourts of licenced themes. This year was Harry Potter, Next Year is OverWatch, and I can bet we are getting a new licenced theme in 2020. Where is LEGO Pirates? Where is LEGO Space? Where is LEGO Racers? Where is LEGO Agents? Where is LEGO Power Miners? Where is LEGO Atlantis? And this can go on and on. LEGO is abandoing their originality for idiots like mandrproductions which only care for licenced themes. Licenced themes are NOT real LEGO. ORIGINAL THEMES ARE THE REAL LEGO. This is what made LEGO so popular and unique. In my opinion, themes like Star Wars are the worst. I love the movies, but I HATE the LEGO theme, which only repeats the same sets year after year. We saw how “cool” was the Cloud City set people waited so much for. If I could, I would go and protest at Billund , Denmark, against this. The only good LEGO theme we have currently is Ninjago, and that is all. It is not worth buying any other theme then this. In 2010, when I first got into LEGO, I remember getting Ataltis, Hero Factory, etc. And I had so much fun makeing my OWN story with that sets! (I was only 6 years old at the time). I bearly even got much sets from licenced themes at the time. If LEGO is doing this just because adults walk across the shelfs and shout "OMG, I love Harry Potter! or OMG I love Star Wars!’ , then they are doing a HUGE mistake. LEGO is a kid’s thing, not an adult’s thing. And much of the Licenced themes Promote PG 13 movies, which are not always friendly to a 7-year old which loves LEGO. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is rated M (Mature) in some countrys. And 7-year olds buy this things! When a kid goes to a LEGO shop, he does not care about what themes he buys, he just loves LEGO! So why give him sets based on Not-Kid-Friendly movies? This is just my opinion though. Leave yours in the comments below, and make sure to vote on the poll above.


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