Are RPs Considered Community Projects?

Let’s say I were to make a role-play which was canon for a story, would that be considered a community project. I hope it isn’t.

What are you on about?

Also, I’ve moved this to site rules, because this is some kinda question about rules, or something…

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The title doesn’t make sense, but no, RPs are not a community project, they’re just fun and games. They can even have story.

Now, if you MADE it like a project, then it would be shut down.


Which they don’t in 99% of the cases. It’s sad, really.

I don’t even see how can you make RP a project. - Quite literally… Sure, you can support it with audiovisual feed and whatnot… BUT that’s about it.


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Well, it would just be a way to get your story out right?

Yes and anything that happens in RP is Canon for the story.

Then, it’s just like writing a story right?
I believe a better title would be, “Can RP’s be used to help create canon for my story” which should be fine

Edited title to make the question clearer.

Though it has already been answered, if someone is looking for this exact question, it might be easier to find.

It looks like this has been answered, so I’m going to go ahead and close this.