Are some Bionicle characters based on comics characters?

So this idea popped into my head recently when I read the book that had Reidak fighting the Toa Nuva, including Pohatu. Now, these two characters in particular seem to be based off Bionicle characters. Reidak seems to be a smarter Doomsday, with the inability to be defeated the same way twice and they're both brutally savage. Pohatu seems to be based off the Barry Allen Flash, He's a nice, jovial guy with incredible speed. They both also work alongside a dark, brooding character who doesn't think highly of them at first. Speaking of the Kopaka/Batman similarities, that's a big one. Now, this is one of the most obviious (and the only confirmed) examples of DC Comics's inspiration on the Bionicle Universe, but it is in no way the best example.

That falls to the Shadowed One and Darkseid. Both are manipulative rulers of an evil land/planet, and have an army of the worst beings in existence and fight a never ending war against the rest of the Universe. Both must stand strong against all threats, or their leadership shall be terminated. As far as powers go, both are seemingly immortal, and they have eyebeams that will completely destroy the enemy.

Can any of you think of any?

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Could Takanuva be Aquaman?


Takanuva is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to good for that.


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Wonder Woman looks significantly better with the gali mask IMO


Anyways, back to @Makuta_Verakion 's original topic- There are plenty of character stereotypes, but I think the one that we see the most is the "Amazoness" Independent woman kinda thing most Ga-matoran and Toa are like. Which is great, we never see some damsel in distress in the Bionicle Story but eh... Just like Wonder Woman, there's no real way to describe Gali's personality other than.. 'Stern', 'Caring' etc etc.