Are the Arthron and Shelek opposite powers?

The Arthron, mask of sonar, allows the wearer to use echolocation, which requires being able to both make and hear sound. The Shelek, mask of silence, takes away both of those abilities from a target. Does this mean the Shelek can be used to counter the Arthron?


Follow up question, could a Shelek nullify the powers of a Toa of Sonics?

Okay, I answered the questiom according to BS01 and the established lore, and someone keeps deleting it, when it’s correct.

So the Kanohi Shelek renders the opponent deaf and mute, which means that if a Toa of Sonics, as my earlier deleted comment said, still sees the shelek user, the toa is able to use his full power over the sonics to unleash a blast that breaks the Shelek-user concentration. You can not say that a Shelek user could render a toa of sonics powerless. And I don’t understand why do someone delete this, because it’s pretty much how bionicle canon-logic works.
So I’ve given the most logical answer to the question I’ve replied to, I don’t see any reason why wouldn’t it be helpful.

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The important distinction is between the existence of sound waves, a the ability to hear. Shelek affects the latter. A Toa of Sonics could still use their powers, but might have a hard time judging what they’re doing if they can’t hear.

…admittedly this doesn’t directly address the OP.