Are the Bionicle books still available?

I always wanted to read you Bionicle books , mr. Greg
But I never found them anywhere. Are the books still available in some stores or something?This is my question.
Thank you

They probably aren’t in stores anymore, but you’d easily be able to find them on Amazon or eBay.


Check thrift store and garage sales, they are usually wind up at places like that, and for pretty cheap too.

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I don’t think Greg would know.

There was a Reading project that went the first couple books.

I think I know enough. Maybe I will try to get some from EBay . Thanks

I found a bunch once in a book store in portland. Grated they were all second hand.

Anyway, you’re best bet would to look on EBay. I’ve also heard Amazon is a good place to find used books.

Ebay should have them, as with any resellers site like that. Amazon may have them, but I don’t think they’ll be as cheap as they would other places. And, as always, stores that sell donated goods might have some, if you’re lucky.

I bought a collection on Amazon that was new and sealed. It had some heat damage just from where it was once stored for ya know… years… but they’re still overall in great shape. Here’s what to search on Amazon for what I bought: Bionicle Boxed Set: Chronicles 1-4 ; Adventures 1-3 (Paperback)

You can find PDFs of all of them on these boards, under “Biological Chronicle”.