Are the community Creations better than actual Lego sets?

Hey guys it’s me Jason I know I haven’t posted in a long time well you probably didn’t know that because nobody cares about me. But anyways I just wanted to ask a question are the community Lego Creations better than actual Lego sets created by The Lego company? I just want to know the communities opinion on this because I’m very curious about this subject. Anyways put your opinion Down Below in the comments and yeah let me know what you think thank you!


that depends on what you’re comparing to what


Oh ok

99% of the time yes


I’d say the majority of creations, here at least, are better. Lego designers are often bombarded with all these requirements so people will buy the set and get the most out of it, while MOCists literally have no limits besides piece limit, which is a disadvantage Designers don’t have.


depends on the creator and creation.

Normally, however I’d say it’s about 60%, less if we count all the noob creations out there.


Guilty as charged.

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Id argue that a majority of Lego sets are better than a majority of community creations. In 2016 541 sets (including individual mini figs from blind bags,and poly bags) where made, and while not all sets where perfect (Ketar) they are good. Then with mocs there are so many mocs made I cant think of a way to determine the number mocs made per there is a lot more bad mocs than bad sets.

Ketar is life…

Yeah, what you say makes sense. It’s sorta like that there are an infinite number of good mocs, but also an infinite number of bad mocs.

However, you’re more likely to see good mocs.


@The-x-territory is better than a certain 2006 polybag for sure.

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Barring noob-tier, beginner, and average-at-best creations, I am going to say yes. But taking what I excluded into consideration, it depends on what is being compared.

It’s complicated…


IMO, comparing Lego sets and MOCs really depends on context and viewpoint. It really depends on what you consider to be good. Design? Complexity? Functions? It´s all up to what you´re looking for.

A MOC maker could model their MOCs after actual Lego sets, and the result doesn´t have to be more complex. Skill level should also be put into account here.

Yet, some Lego sets are terrible and I don´t think someone with basic knowledge of building could end up making a Good Guy 2008 remake, for example, without some sort of improvement.

Considering the fact that Lego designers have actual limits beyond money when it comes to sets, I’d consider it incomparable. We, as MOCists, have no limits at all on what we can do so long as we can buy it (then again, LDD). Designers are MOCists with limits set by a corporation for the purpose of selling toys.


Fair point.

I don’t think it’s a fair comparison because, [quote=“BBricks, post:5, topic:35198, full:true”]
LEGO designers are often bombarded with all these requirements so people will buy the set and get the most out of it, while MOCists literally have no limits besides piece limit.
Unless it’s a MOC made with set limits, it’s not much of a fair comparison. But then again, life isn’t fair so…


Yes they are.

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I’ve stopped buying LEGO sets because I know I can build better constraction figures then I could ever buy…

So I’d say yes.

But that is not a dig at LEGO designers, I’m sure they could rek plenty of hardcore MOCists if they were not restricted down to the last tile.


Mine are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In many ways yes. The builds and appearances are often better, however Lego sets are built to entertain and be played with. As a result, they will often have less coverage or a rougher build to compensate for flexibility and functions.