Are the fanon contests cancelled?

I’ve been out of the loop for awhile. And missed out on the Nidhiki one unfortunately. I’ve noticed Duck hasn’t made any videos about them since


They’re still happening, the gaps between each contest just tend to be a bit long I think

Duck might need time to gather the prizes, and I also recall him saying that he’d hold off on starting the Golden Skinned Being contest until gold socket hand connectors are added to Lego Pick-A-Brick

His Discord server might have more info

@TheSh01m the GSB contest starts today!
Also tagging you @NOTaHFfan lol


They continue right now!

Duck was competing in lego masters so he had to have a hiatus

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Oh neat! How did he do in the show?

He won.

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Personally, I’m waiting for the Toa Mangai contest, cause I made a couple of Toa Mangai.

Lost the instructions, unfortunately, but nothing I can’t reverse engineer by eye.

But anyways, I don’t care about winning the MoC build. I care about getting my kanohi designs featured.

And while I don’t have much time to design the kanohi for everyone, I’ll make time for Naho’s huna (ok, we don’t know if she wears a huna, but let’s just say she does). I’ve been wanting to do SpecterL’s Kaukau, and one of the ice toa mangai wears a kaukau, so that’s that.


These are different from the TTV contests, right?

Yes, the TTV contests ended once Greg Farshtey announced that he would no longer be working for Lego

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