Are the G2 books and graphic novels worth getting?

See i love the Bionicle franchise and it has had a huge impact on my life, and i can't remember life without it. however i never really got into the books for G1 and im not really that knowledgeable with the lore of the world. However i am really enjoying the Web animations with G2 in 2015 and i am extremely enjoying the Netflix show. but are these books and graphic novel for someone like me that is more of a casual fan of the story? Do they really give us much information about the world of okoto and the protectors? And are they worth getting is my main point?

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Yes, they are.

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I'd say get the books more than the graphic novel (there's only one out so far, so I can't say if others are going to go more in depth). The books are still good, though Ryder Windham's style takes a little getting used to. Revenge of the Skull Spiders and the first half of Island of Lost Masks are really good, IMO.

I'd say buy everything, but I know that's not possible for some people, so if you need to prioritize, I'd go with books first...

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If BIONICLE is your life as it was for many people on the boards, then yes... If not then no.

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yeah you should

Yes, but unless you really want to go all in I suggest you weigh your options on which materials to get. The Island of the Lost Mask book is a retelling of tthe animations, the GN has its own story in the same time, and the Revenge of the Skull Spider's book is a side story featuring the Protectors.

Personally I think the RoSS and the GN are the best book lore so far, but it's up to you to decide.


Ok :smile: thanks for the reply. i think im gonna get them. and the new GN comes out later this year so im gonna wait to get that and the first one and get the books first. thank you for your opinion it helped alot :smile:

Yes...on sale.

Personally I'd say no as a lot of the stuff is able to be found on line and the writing itself is just as awkward/strange as JtO. It may also depend on factors like age, cause older fans probably wouldn't enjoy the books as much as younger fans. As for world building, it seems that they have minimal details and repeating what we already know about the world. So since you say you're a casual fan, I'd say no due to the fact it's not nessacery to understand what's going on with the story and you already have resources to find them online.

Get em.

Get em all.

Like, the first book has new information for the first half of it, like Bingzak and stuff. But the second is literally word for word the animations. The second, however, is completely new content. And then the graphic novel is the first half of 2015 again, but still has new content.

So yes. Get em all.

I'd say get the graphic novel if only for the scene with Pohatu and the Rock Dogs, that was amazing. RoSS is a must buy, there is just so much info that we learn in that book. You could skip IoLM, not much really happens.