Are the LEGO Star Wars' "Battle Packs" Worth Collecting?

So I picked up the Shadow Troopers set and I was moderately impressed, (along with the Final Duel, hehe) and I was wondering if anyone is collecting them and/or if I should even bother to.


If you want a huge army of troopers, clone or otherwise,


otherwise they’re good for parts. If you don’t want more it’s fine, cost constraints and other things


I have the senate commandos and the transport. I want to get the shadow troopers soon. It’s too expensive to by a ton of them (if your like me and am broke), but they still give you some good play value and look great on a shelf. Final verdict:


…I say no. Take it from a LEGO Star Wars collector like myself: the troopers that come in battle packs are not worth collecting in bulk. The shadow troops, Senate commandos, Geonosis troops, etc. are specialty troops, so you don’t need many of them.

But, if you just like their design, then buy as many as you want. :slight_smile:

Now, the Stormtrooper battle pack? I suggest buying as many as you can. :wink: