Are the Toa Inika more advanced than other Toa?

Okay so my question partially comes from a lack of knowledge in the story at that point but were the Inika meant to be a more advanced/“Evolved” Toa?
They are the only Toa that I know of that were created by the Red Star.
They seem to be a more perfect and harmonious fusion of organic and techno.
Their masks are almost a part of them more than something that they wear.
Their armor seems more fitting and advanced
They have effectively energy based tools/weapons
Not to mention that they actually seem to be more powerful than the Toa Nuva at one point.

Taking into account that their Mahri transformation actually felt like a downgrade for them in every way I have to ask the question.

Were the Inika a more advanced form of techno-organic life than the other MU life forms? Were they a small glimpse of what the Matoran and Toa and other MU life forms could have eventually become or were originally meant to be?


Interesting. In my headcanon those were the very first prototype Toa concept design the Great Beings kept in the Red Star, which looked like replicas of the glatorian and were more powerful than the standard Toa. From the early years we know the Great Beings liked to experiment with organic protodermis, they probably thought it was more capable of storing power and as such used it to create the most powerful entities like the Elemental Lords and Tren Krom, and maybe the original Kanohi concept before they opted for regular metallic protodermis.

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The only Toa that truly evolved is Toa nuva
Toa nuva has a significant increase in their elemental energy capacity compared to other Toa. They are stronger than other Toa because they have better amounts of elemental energy and control ability .
To quote Greg, if the other Toa has elemental ability of 7-8, Toa nuva has 10.

Toa inica also has an elemental energy ability of 7~8, but lightning elemental energy is combined.

Toa inika’s unusual ability is due to overcharged energy.

Basically, when Matoran becomes a toa, the potential power of Matoran is activated by toa power in toa stone.
Toa power in toa stone is not so great, it just trigger.

However, Toa Inika was hit by red star’s lightning and became Toa.
In other words, i think this lightning is powerful toa power, and I think this lightning not only activated their potential toa power but also gave them additional toa power.

The more toa power toa have, the stronger toa can use (think of Toa Tuyet), so Toa Inika could have been very powerful.

Toa power can be used for increasing elemental power and healing ability.
Toa Inika did not intend to do this, but I think it was manifested by lightning Toa power

It can explain the shining face and lightning element power.

I think organic kanohi were also caused by lightning toa power.

Great kanohi have the power to be completely depleted someday.
And when the matoran becomes a toa, the matoran kanohi becomes a great kanohi .
When Inika’s Matoran kanohi turned into a great kanohi , what was charged was lightning toa power, not general energy. Lightning toa power was converted into a kind of life energy and turned inorganic matter into organic matter to make alive masks.

The reason why this is possible is because,
Yes, we’ve seen lightning reviving bodies and piles of bones in many Media Franchise.

But it’s hard to say that it’s a more advanced or evolved MU life forms.

Yes, because in the end, toa inika’s form was just safety device.

It’s probably just a little bit of a powerful toa intended by GBs intended.


100% agree on this point but I was more so saying from a construction and control perspective more than actual power.
If you look at different Toa, there is a distinct design evolution to them. Helryx for example is very simple and almost clunky in her design.
The Mata are distinctly more advanced and show a more refined design and construction.
The Metru are the same, more streamlined with their mechanical parts more integrated and protected.
Then you look at the Inika, they have next to no exposed mechanical weak points, their proportions are very streamlined and almost muscular.
Their masks are pretty much a part of them, fully integrated.
They are a perfect fusion of mechanical and organic, not just organic stuff with mechanical stuff kinda put on top or added to it, they are a perfect combination of the 2.
Think of it like the Mata being like the T600, the Metru are like the T800 and the Inika are like the T1000.

The weapons are also distinctly more advanced than most other Toa, instead of just swords and spears and axes, the inika weapons are energy based and incorperate actual particle energy into elemental energy.

I have to wonder if this design is what the Great beings were intending Toa to be and would have created had the shattering not happened so soon, so instead they saved the “schematic” into the red stars computer and the Kestora then used that schematic to transform them into the Inika.


All right, I got the point wrong.
There was something I canceled after writing it… I think this is more appropriate.

If you ask if Inika has an ‘improved body’, yes I agree.
Inika Build has a robust body. Wide and thick shoulders. Long, hard arms and legs.
(Lego has already introduced really ■■■■■■ and strong-looking… piraka, so I think lego intended this design of Inika, who looks stronger than piraka.)

(This is my view)
I think Inika is modeled after the physically strongest figure among the forms thought by a great being rather than a “prototype.” When a great being made the toa, they referred to Glatorian,
Considering that they are kind of Glatorian species, I think…Great beings may have hoped that creatures made most similar to their appearance would be the strongest.
(it means in my head canon, inika type is completed and strongest type of toa.)

a long time ago, They would have already completed schematic of Inika type that could be entered into red star
inika Build toa existed from very long time ago.
There must have been the first Inika Build Toa, and except for a few Toa influenced by him(Probably jovan and Lesovikk), Inika Build Toa would have been still a minority.
(One became Turaga, and the other became a wanderer.)
But why they didn’t create many toa based on inika build?

The reason is that great beings would not have intended to make Toa a very powerful being in general.

They were eventually wary that toa’s power might threatening the Spherus Magna, and created Marendar to prevent it.

whether Inika’s case(organic mask, overcharged energy, powerful weapon) will become more common… I’m a little suspicious. It was probably a unique case of Inika

organic mask would have been a really coincidental occurrence.
(i think about it a little more, inika’s mask is similar to krana. It has power, is a little perceptual, and is organic.)

It would have been difficult for these characteristics to become general characteristics

maybe, GBs known that reckless access to safety devices would cause many problems
so, GBs would not have made even Kestora accessible to safety devices of red star. Kestora was eventually unable to fix the warp device. This suggests that Kestora’s authority and ability were not so strong.
If there are too many toas who are overcharged and have too much power… We already know the conclusion of a similar case (dark mirror).

When Ignika transformed Toa Inika into Toa Mahri,
They were downgraded as a result. The overflowing toa power was eliminated, the organic mask disappeared, and the weapon also became normal toa tool.
Since Toa Mahri is also an Inika type, it is clear that Ignika gave Toa Mahri the most powerful form(Inika type) he knew.

but…It’s just that Ignika didn’t know schematic of red star, and it may have taken it as an abnormal phenomenon without understanding the overcharging toa power and organic mask that Inika had.

Eventually, Ignika gave them the most powerful form he knew, but as a result, Ignika made the mistake

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From what I understand, their lightning powers made them more powerful than most Toa in terms of raw power, and their organic Kanohi made it easier for them to learn their masks powers, since the organic Kanohi could activate themselves. And it’s true that tools like the “Laser” weapons wielded by Kongu, Hewkii, and Nuparu had abilities not previously seen in the story.

I haven’t heard about anything else on your list. I think that’s just the way the sets were designed, and probably had nothing to do with the story as such.

IDK if I’d call them advanced or evolved, but they definitely had their advantages over most Toa. I agree, though - the Mahri transformation did feel like a downgrade, especially for Kongu.